Labor Day Weekend…Part I

Labor Day weekend started with us not having any cable. While reading a book was just fine for me, Cortney felt differently. Luckily, Trisha and Ben helped save us from boredom on Saturday.

We hopped on the Swanberg’s boat (Trisha’s mom and dad) around 1:30 on Saturday and headed south on the Big Lake to the dune area. We anchored with what seemed like the rest of the marina, and sat on the beach for the day. It was a pretty hot day, so we made sure to pack a lot of frosty beverages. Shortly after getting settled on the beach, we saw these horses taking a dip in the lake! Here’s Joe enjoying his lazy beach day in his fancy swimsuit. And Cortney enjoys the beach day with a frosty beer.
At some point, Trisha thought it would be a good idea to climb the dune. It took some persuading, but she got me give it a try. We look tired and hot because we WERE!
After running down…we cooled off with some more beverages.
Jake chose to cool off by sticking his face in a bucket of water.

Dang! That feels good!
Joe just keeps smiling! I knew it wouldn’t take long before Cort was playing in the sand…cheers to your sand shovel, little guy!
Cortney and I had a great time on the beach!
Partly because there was so much great food! mmmmmm!!!!

Jake thought he would work off his hotdog with a climb of the dune himself!
The beach RULES!!!
Hey…who decided to take this picture?
After a LOOONNGGG day, it was time to jump back on the boat and jet on home. As you can see, I wasn’t as diligent about my sunblock regime as Cortney was. At least it didn’t end up being painful later.

Seeing Big Red means the marina is getting close!

Cort and I enjoyed our putz back up the channel to the marina.
And Ben tried on some new duds….hey Ben…I don’t think that fits!
Back at the marina we got changed and decided to get some dinner at the club. Well, after another beverage that is.
What a great day out on the lake!

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