Back To School…Phase 2

With the school supplies bought, the next step was to actually go into my classroom and put them away. Before I could put anything away, however, I had to clean up the disaster area that was Room 161. We were fortunate enough to get all new student furniture and teacher desks along with new flatscreen TV’s and a wireless computer network this year due to a bond issue that passed a couple years ago. However, because of all the new stuff, workers had been in and out of my classroom all summer hauling old stuff out and piling the new stuff in. That left me with LOTS to straighten up! As you can see, all of my student desks and chairs were piled neatly in my room…just waiting for some strong person to line them up. That strong person was Cortney. He was nice enough to take the day off yesterday and come help me hook up my computer, set up my new TV, and move a bunch of furniture around.

My desk area was also a mess because I had to empty out the old stuff to make room for the new desk. Ugh! I HATE messes! I cannot work on syllabi or lesson plans when my surroundings are in disarray, so things needed to be set right…quickly!!!
There’s Cort setting up my computer and printer and making them play nice with the TV as well! I am so lucky to be married to a tech-savvy guy!
I even put up some new bulletin boards this year because my old backgrounds were faded and full of push-pin holes. You can’t tell from the picture, but it was about 100 degrees in that classroom! Yeah, we were a bit warm…but that is the price you pay for wanting your room to look tidy for the start of school!
I went in again today to help with freshman orientation and to work in my room a bit. I think I finally have everything in a place now so that i won’t be distracted when I go to work on my lessons. The countdown is officially on to when the kids march through that door!

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