Back To School…Phase 1

As many of our faithful readers know, this back to school season is a little different for the Sluiters. In years past, Cort gave me a budget to go get stuff for my classroom and to buy a few things (folder, notebook, etc) for whatever classes I would be taking for grad school. THIS year, though, I am not the one who needs those extra supplies! So, when we got our 15% off bag from Office Max in the mail, Cort and I headed off–TOGETHER–to shop!

Because he is new to GRCC classes, and he hasn’t had his orientation yet (that happens on Thursday), he wasn’t sure what supplies he would need. He did find a few fun things for his cubicle at work though while I found some much-needed supplies for my classroom.
So many things to choose from!
Who knew choosing pens could be so mind-boggling!?!
In the end, our 15% bag was filled to the brim…and only 3 small items belonged to Cortney….yup, that is me loaded down with half the store. And guess what…in a couple weeks, Office Max is having teacher appreciation week….MORE SHOPPING!!!!
Before today, I moaned and groaned a LOT whenever someone would mention how much time I have before I have to be sitting in our unairconditioned school again (2 weeks, for anyone keeping track…students are back in 3 weeks), but after today, I at least have some projects to work on to get my room ready for all the eager students who will be piling through the doors in only 3 short weeks! Stay tuned for more of our back to school preparations…leading up to the big FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

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