Revisiting The ‘Stache…

Ok, so I know I already did a post totally embarrassing Cortney about his 10 minute mustache, but recently we were given some pictures that made me wonder if this unfortunate facial hair might just be in the genes. Below is the picture I originally posted of Cortney and his fuzzy little lip-worm.Now, below is a picture Trisha and Leone gave us of Cort’s dad, Steve during a mustache phase of his own…apparently lasting longer than 10 minutes. I think there might be a bit of a resemblance, don’t you? I probably don’t have to tell you who Cort’s dad is (from left to right: Bob Phinney, Steve Sluiter, Dan Maida, Chris Swanberg)…I think you can pick him out.
Now I am not going to say a ‘stache can’t work on anyone, but I feel that the Sluiter men are more handsome sans lip fur. Unless Cody wants to give it a try? I will post a new comparison if he tries it…but if I was you, I wouldn’t hold my breath!

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