Shots and Cement

No one was spared any excitement today! The morning started with Louis’s yearly trip to the vet! Doesn’t he look excited?

The vet was very impressed with Louis’s good behavior during his examination. He didn’t even hiss or cry when he got his shots! So now he is all caught up on his rabies shot, so he can bite you and you’ll be fine. Fun times!
Equally as fun is the fact that cement was mixed and poured today! Look at all those bags of cement waiting to become a part of our home! All in all 12 94-pound bags of cement, 2 1/2 yards of gravel, and 7 beers were used to make our cute little patio.
Cortney took a half day today to accomplish this huge feat. He didn’t do it alone, though! My dad, who also took a half day, came over with all the proper equipment…including my grandpa Riemersma. They developed quite a nice assembly line: Grandpa mixed, Dad transported the cement from the mixer to the patio hole, and Cort shoveled and spread the dumped cement.
That’s a whole lot of work being dumped!
But it was all worth it! Look at that smooth -looking patio!
Cortney finally sent my dad home around 9:30 tonight, and came in himself around 10:00 and took a shower and drank a beer. Big day! However, as you can see below, just before I took this picture of him finally relaxing, I reminded Cort that now he can get started on finishing the basement! Yeah!

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