Afternoon with Jack

Yesterday I picked up Jack for the afternoon so Sarah could make an emergency trip to Saginaw. Because I picked him up in Jension, I thought we could run to the mall. I asked Jack if he wanted to get a teddy bear, and he seemed interested, so we went to Build-a-Bear. Jack picked the Velvet Bear. Then we moved on to the stuffing station. He was a little bit afraid of the loud noise it made, and the whole way home he asked if the “air” was going to come out of his bear. He really had fun giving his bear a “bath” at the air tub, and picking out the clothes. He chose a Detroit Tiger T-shirt because it was “like daddy,” khaki shorts like his, and velcro sandles because they were like his shoes. Then we went to the birth certificate station and he named his bear Tiger (after aunt Katie didn’t know how to spell the funny sound he originally thought would make funny names for his bear). At the register, the lady asked him if he wanted a bow on his bear. He said yes, and chose a blue one. In the car he put the bow on and off his bear about a million times.
Apparently we had too much fun, because Jack needed a little nap before we got back to my house!
Once back at out house, he was wide awake again and ready to help me water my flowers before going to daddy’s house. While I watered my flowers, Jack helped to water the rose bushes, the grass, the house, the driveway…
aunt Katie…
and eventually himself!
Jack and I had a whole lot of fun in the 2 and a half hours we spent together, and we can’t wait until we start our beach Wednesdays next week!

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