The Haps in Sluiter Nation

A LOT has been going on in Sluiter Nation lately! We started the spring season off with some stress…I recently found out that Wyoming Public Schools will be eliminating many job positions due to budget cuts and restructuring. While no regular-ed teaching positions at my building, Wyoming Park HS, will be cut, other secondary positions will, which means there is a possibility of me being “bumped” out of my position. The worst case scenario is that I will be bumped out of a job completly–which means someone whose position is eliminated has more seniority than I do in the district takes my job. That is pretty unlikely, though, since I have been there for five years and there are English and Spanish positions held by teachers with less seniority than I have.

Another scenario, more likely, but still rather remote is that I will get bumped and have to take someone else’s position (who has less seniority than I have). This could put me into a different subject area and a different building. We are hoping that either more money is available to the district than budgeted for, or that I have enough seniority that my position in my school remains safe.

Besides that stress, life has been pretty good. Cort was able to have his first round of golf for the season with his brother, Cody this past week while I was at a lovely bridal shower for Tiffany, the fiance of Cort’s cousin, Aaron. Cort shot a 49 and Cody a 60. Looks like Cody has some practice to do! Ha!

Also this week was the start of my very last graduate class! It looks like it’s going to be a lot of work, but it’s only seven weeks long, so I am going to just plow through it with a smile on my face knowing that when it’s done…it’s ALL done!

Besides enjoying lots of Tulip Time junk food, watching Liz dance, and taking in the parade on Wednesday, we also were able to go meet our friends’, Trisha and Ben’s, new baby boy, Joe. Joe is just a little peanut next to his big brother, Jake (who is almost 2)!

Get a good look, friends, I don’t plan to have one of these myself for a WHILE! 🙂 Our visit with Joe was no small deal, either. Ben fed us quite generously with his delicious cooking and grilling skills. Thanks, Visels, for a fun evening of food, friends, and Mario Kart!

Also this weekend we said goodbye to the last remnants of my birthday…yes, I know…it’s about time! The last balloon finally found it’s way to the trash…Tracy, you will be happy to know it lasted LONGER than a month! Good buy! 🙂
This coming Friday, my next article is tentatively set to run, so I will post that link then. Next weekend we are chaperoning prom, so I am sure we will have more pics to share of that! Then it’s Memorial Day weekend! So keep checking back for a look into the doings of the Sluiters!

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