An Artistic Gift

Cortney and I received the sweetest gift ever yesterday. A couple months ago, our friend Mat told us he was getting back into painting and if we had any photos that we really liked, we could forward them on and he would try to duplicate them for us. Yesterday, he brought us the finished piece, and we were beyond impressed! The photograph we chose was one we took when we visited Seattle in 2006. We went to the famous Public Market where they have a zillion little shops and a HUGE farmer’s market…and of course the famous fish market where they toss the fish around! We had such a great time there, that we thought this would be the coolest thing to hang in our house. Below is the original picture I took in Seattle.

Now compare that with the one below. How crazy is that?!? Mat is GOOD!
Another special feature of the picture, besides that it is of a place we love and painted by a person we love, is that Cort chose the time on the clock: Six Eighteen. Mat called and asked him if he had a preference to the time on the clock and Cort told him 6:18. Mat asked why, and Cort replied, “that’s Kate’s and my aniversary date.” AW!
So now we have this sweet painting hanging in our house. It is the PERFECT touch to the new paint job in the kitchen. Our house feels much more complete now!

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