Pumpkin Fest 2007

Who would have thought that we would be sitting at the Zeeland Pumpkin Fest in October in shorts and tank tops? With weather in the 80’s and humidy just as high, we decided to take Jack to his first pumpkin fest. My mom had a whole pumpkin-y extravaganza planned for the day!

Jack really enjoyed the parade! He waved to all the kids on the floats. He clapped along with the bands. Chris even took him to get some of the candy that was thrown! mmmm! Whatcha got there, Jack?

We all had lots of fun: mom, Chris and Jack, me, and Cortney.
After the parade my mom had a pumpkin fest of her own planned back at my parents’ house. She bought five pumpkins for carving and a bunch of little ones for painting. Chris helped Jack carve his, but Jack was NOT loving those guts! I told him it was like the seaweed at the beach and he said, “ORANGE seaweed – like orange grass, aunt Katie.” Yeah, he still wouldn’t touch it. But the rest of us touched those guts and carved our pumpkins.

Jack really got into supervising the rest of us and painting the little pumpkis though. He was very artistic. He helped Chris, me, and Cortney paint the pumpkins. He also posed by the pumpkin I carved for him. Say cheese!

Aw, I carved his name into the pumpkin! How fun is that?

After all that carving, we had an appetite, so Chris built a fire in the pit and dad made us hot dogs, and mom roasted some marshmellows.

It was such a fun day!

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  1. Awww Jack is super cute! I havent carved a pumpkin in about 10 years!!!!
    <3 Linds