It was a night of firsts last night: My first Tiger game WITHOUT the rest of my family. My first hot dog at the park (usually I just drink), my first BEER at the park (I usually just drink those tasty long fruity drinks), and unfortunately, my first LOSS at the park. That’s right, in all the years that my family has taken me to the games at Tiger Stadium and then at Comerica Park, I have never witnessed the Tigers lose in person. So that was a bummer. So was the TRAFFIC there and home! We encountered THREE traffic jams on our way to the park causing it to take us about 4 hours to get to Detroit. Luckily parking is so easy and the walk is quick. The game was great! We went with our friends Mat and Tom. Tom hasn’t seen the Tigers WIN since 1987, so apparently his streak outshined mine. We had lots of fun eating the expensive food and drinking the tasty beverages. Once the sun went behind the stadium, it even cooled off to a comfortable 79 degrees (still muggy though). The tigers lost 7-1 to Tampa Bay, but it was still a good time. The game always flies by when you are actually there. A foul ball was even hit into our section. Tom and I tried to get it, but it went to a guy two rows ahead of us. The drive home was not so awesome. We were making excellent time when BAM! We were stuck in another traffic jam for about an hour! UGH! At least this one was due to construction – the ones on the way there were all due to accidents, and of course most of the slowness was due to gawkers. Very frustrating. We actually SAW an accident happen too – but were close enough not to be involved in the back up that it would cause. People are just dumb. At least the game was fun! Go Tigers!

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  1. Its always Tom’s fault…LOL