Going, going….gone

Who pushed fast-forward on my summer? Yesterday was the last Beach Wednesday for me and Jack for the summer. I can’t believe it’s all gone by so quickly! All of our beach days sort of followed the same format: I pick Jack up; he plays with toys and eats breakfast/lunch; we get our bathing suits on; we head out to the beach for a few hours; we come back and Jack turns my bathtub into a sandbox; I bring him home. I have had SO much fun on our Wednesdays! As you can see in the picture, we do so many silly, fun things together. (That picture at the bottom was his idea.)

Jack loves the beach days too. This week the whole crew showed up for the last beach day: My aunt Sandy and cousins Rachel, Kelli, Liz, and Alex. Also my cousin Jenise and her son, Brody came. Jack is sort of shy around other kids, but Brody had no problem walking/crawling his way over to Jack to play! The both LOVE the sand and water! A couple time Jenise had to chase Brody or else he would have ended up face first in the lake! Those kids will take off in a second! Jack is also overcoming his wariness of seaweed (“it’s just like grass, aunt Katie”), but he is still a little suspicious of it touching his toes. Of course no beach day is complete without a snack. Jenise brought Brody ham, cheese, and grapes, but he was still VERY interesting in Jack’s Cheese-Its and juice box!
After the beach, Jack got to visit his daddy (my brother, Chris), and before I took him back to Sarah (his mom), we visited Uncle Curly at work. He got to meet Janet, Ken, Gary, and Mr. Chuck (I don’t know why, but he just started calling Chuck “Mr. Chuck” out of nowhere). Gary will forever be “Gary gave me candy”. I would say he had a pretty fun day! I know I did! I will miss my Wednesdays with Jack! Hopefully we can do it again next year!

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