For the Love…Of Blogging Q&A Thursday

We are wrapping up the…uh…”informational” portion of For the Love…Of Blogging today with a Q&A post.  Both Miranda and I are interviewing our husbands about living with wives who are addicted to into the social media world.

My husband, Cortney, has been what I think of as a “tech geek” for as long as I’ve known him. He builds computers (as a hobby.  ok he did it once), and he runs our “network”, AND he has been in and out of the online nerd tech forums longer than I knew they existed.

He got me involved in MySpace (yes, I just admitted that.  No, I don’t still have an account) and eventually persuaded me to join facebook.

So in reality?  I blame Cort for my obsession with social media.

And with that said, I interviewed him about my obsession with social media.

Me: So you’re married to a social media addict.  What’s that like?

Cortney: Well, it has its pros and cons.  Being able to meet and build new relationships with online friends is pretty cool.  I never would have thought that we (you) could know so many people all over the country / world.  I’m pretty sure if we went on a trip and needed a place to crash, there would be someone within reasonable distance that would put us up for the night.  That is pretty cool considering we haven’t met most of those people in person.

A downside is home life sometimes takes a back seat to the tweeps and blog rolls… but since they can be your support structure when I can’t, it can be an even trade at times.

Me: mm.  yes.  my attachment to my laptop.  So you’ve noticed that, huh? Ok, but you are involved in social media as well.  I am sure your interests are different than mine since you don’t seem that excited when I tell what other people are tweeting in regard to Red Carpet fashion.  What do you primarily use social media for?

Cort: I enjoy the use of social media to meet some interesting people all over the world as well… many through your connections… but mostly I use it to ask for advice on technical projects / personal product reviews.

I also enjoy the ability to spout off my opinion or random thoughts on whatever floats in to my brain… with the hope of a smart ass reply that hopefully leads to some interesting banter between friends.  On twitter especially, it makes me smile when someone lets me know that my dumb comment made them giggle or put a smile on their face.

Me: Yes, you are a witty fella.  You have a blog, yes?  Tell my lovely readers about it.

Cort: I DO!  My blog is called TastyButteredToast and it’s my own little corner of the internets.  I can honestly say that there really isn’t a theme or specific purpose to my blog other than for the occasional vent, opinion, or thought that happens to move me to write and publish it for the blogosphere.  I’ve posted about the loss of my father, the birth of my son, a rainbow, the difficulties on landing a job, and my adoring wife.  So the subject matter really runs the full gamut.  I’ve even asked twitter what they wanted to know about me… I have yet to find something that I’d rather not post…but I’m sure it’s out there.

So if there’s something you’d like to know my opinion on or something about me, just ask.  I love a good blog prompt…

Me: Nice. Wait.  Why did you name it “Tasty Buttered Toast” of all things?

Cort: Well, when thinking about a name for my blog, I wanted something that everyone could relate to. something that…when you thought about it,  (he is nodding like I should know what he’s talking about here) you’re like….”mmmm…tasty buttered toast.  I like buttered toast.”  And if naturally you like buttered toast, then subconsciously you will like my blog as well.

I’ve actually gained followers because my blog had the word “buttered” in it.

Me: ok.  that is sort of weird.  but whatever.  So anyway, why did you start your blog?

Cort: I had originally thought  the blog would give me something to do while Short Stack (Eddie) was sleeping or between job hunting sessions… and to stroke my massive ego.  Just knowing that millions of readers out there had been patiently waiting to see what my next thought or opinion was finally had a vehicle to get the word out.

It wasn’t until a few days into having a blog that I realized that I actually had very little to say… that was a bit of a bummer considering I’d like to think of myself as a fairly interesting person.  I mean really, if I find myself interesting, why shouldn’t everyone else, right?

It also occurred to me that Sluiter Nation was only telling one side of the story, I wanted an outlet to be able to put my side of the story out there when needed.  To show my massive following that it doesn’t always happen the way you describe and I have a point of view as well.  Little did I know you would get it right more often than not.

Me: You have lots to say, I hope you know that.  And if you would sit and blog it out?  It would be wonderful.  Speaking of wonderful, do you read any of the blogs that your lovely wife authors?

Cort: I read all of my lovely wife’s blogs.  I like to see all the wonderful things she has to say about me… massive ego, remember?

I find her to be a fantastic writer and knowing the sound of her voice, when I read the words I can “hear” them as though she was saying it… and I also think that sometimes she uses the blog to talk about topics that she wouldn’t or would have difficulty talking about in person.  I know she has found a huge support circle out there to get advice and positive vibes when things are low, and to celebrate when good things happen.

Me: Awe.  You are sweet.  Do you think it’s good or bad that we are so into each others social media lives?  that we know pretty much all of each others biz-nas?

Cort: Yes, I do.

Sometimes I think it would be good to have an anonymous slice of the internet pie to voice whatever I wanted without worry or concern about who was offended or what was said… not that I have a lot to say that would be that controversial, but everyone has those days where they want to swear at the world regardless of who is listening.

On the flip side, I think that by being able to put your name to feelings and topics can open up additional dialogue offline that maybe wouldn’t take place otherwise.  The blog can be a great ice breaker for difficult topics, it can give one the ability to get their entire thought out without being interrupted.    A therapy of sorts, with all the readers being unlicensed therapists, giving their support and advice.

Me: I agree with that 100%.  So, do you have anything else you want to dazzle our readers with?

Cort: Did you ever notice that the word therapist is “The Rapist” without the space?  Interesting coincidence don’t you think?  The raping of your brain / emotions / thoughts?  Hmmm… I just blew your mind.

I would like to say that I am genuinely happy for the success that Sluiter Nation has experienced over the last couple years.  Followers, friends, occasional commenters… all these people add a little sanity to our more than insane lives.  It’s good to know we’re not the only ones out there having to deal with strife, loss, joys, and sorrow.

Viva Sluiter Nation!

Viva Sluiter Nation, indeed, Cort.

I must plug my husband’s blog here.  He doesn’t post all that regularly, but what he says is wonderful.  I love this post about what makes a lullaby.  Or this post where he tells about why cancer sucks. Or this beautiful post he wrote after his grandpa passed this past Christmas.

And with that said, you all may use the comment section here for comments or more questions on anything we talked about this week.  No linky today…just discuss.  Although if there IS something you would like me to look at, feel free to let me know that in the comments!

I had so much fun here, you guys.  Even with my crazy busy schedule, this was good.  No, it was more than good.  It was amazing!  Thank you SO much for participating.

To thank you?  Tomorrow Miranda and I will have giveaways ALL. DANG. DAY!

Starting at 9am est  until 5pm est, there will be one giveaway per hour here. and Miranda?  Also has a bunch!  just to say THANK YOU to you all!

Because this wouldn’t have been possible without YOU.

For the Love…Of Blogging: Meet Me Monday

It’s here!  It’s finally here!

**For the Love…Of Blogging is in no way associated with the blog of a similar name, For The Love of Blogs. We did not know they existed (even though we googled our name first), but they appear to be another lovely way to get involved in the community of blogging.  All content in our event has been thought up by myself and Miranda on our own even though we realize there are probably similar ideas out in the blogging world already since not much out there is totally unique.  We apologize if you ever blogged about blogging and are offended by  us.  That is not our intent.

This is the first annual, For the Love…Of Blogging…um…event!  Yes, we shall call it an event!  A Blogging Event!

So what is “For the Love…of Blogging,” you ask?

It is a week-long commitment by me and my lovely friend, Miranda, to bring you our love of blogging, and give you some tips and fun and conversation all about BLOGGING!

We are starting the week with a meet and greet of sorts.  We are going to give you a little tour of our blogs and ask that you make up a little tour of yours.  Then, come back and link up (and grab the link for yourself to add to the bottom of your post)! This will be a lovely way to meet all sorts of new bloggers!  Hopefully you will add some to your reader and they will add you!

So here we go…at tour of Sluiter Nation.

First, you should check out my Author page to find out a little about me.  You’ll find out that I am a high school English/Spanish teacher and a part-time community college adjunct English instructor.  You will find out that I am a wife.  You will find out that I am a mother to the sweet and cuddley Eddie.

Then you should check out my The Nation page to learn about my little family that I blog about here.  There are some fun pictures there of my husband (Cortney) and I, and of our little man, Eddie.  It also gives you my contact info.

I started blogging back in July of 2007 after Cort and I traveled to Montana for a wedding of a friend.  I realized that my family and friends are all OVER the place and could use a place to keep up with us.  My first year of blogging was a snooze-fest.  Even for family and friends.

I became a mom in June of 2009 and the posts became more interesting.

In spring of 2010 I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and decided to share it with the internet.

Things sort of exploded from there.  I found community in other PPD/A moms and in other working moms.

And suddenly I found tons of blogs.

I started leaving comments.

And suddenly I had readers here!

I was suddenly being asked to guest post and to join groups.

I discovered that I don’t just like to talk a lot…I love to WRITE.

I started a participating in The Red Dress Club and Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop.

I started a meme called Top Ten Tuesdays.

Eventually I started a creative writing blog for my “not mom blog” writing called Exploded Moments, and a reading blog for book reviews called Katie’s Bookcase.

I have been featured here, here, here, and here (among other places).

I was asked to be–and accepted–a hostess spot with The Red Dress Club.

All these things in the last year…because I connected with other bloggers.  Other women like me.

I think the biggest thing I learned…and fell in love with…in the blogging world is the community that is formed here.  And community isn’t created out of me just talking to nobody.  It happens when I connect with others on their blogs and the connect with me here.

So while you get to know me here, remember:  this week will only be as helpful as the level of your participation.  The more you take part, the more you will get out of it.

I hope you learn something this week.

I hope you take risks in your blogging this week,

I hope you WIN something this week (we have a kazillion giveaways on Friday!)

But most of all?  I hope you have fun!

So tell us about YOU…and link up! It’s going to be a GREAT week!

Bliss at Home Schedule Revealed…and an announcement…

If you are a blogger, you know about blog conferences.

If you know about blog conferences, you know that Blissdom’11 is at the end of this month.

In August, I learned about Blissdom.  I was determined to go.  Yes.  This would be my first blogging conference.

Except that it’s not.  I’m not going.

I thought I was Ok with not going, but then facebook and twitter started blowing up with lots of blissdom talk and roommate pairings and what to pack and…well?  I got all jealous.  It’s true.

So a few of us who were NOT going start tweeting about how great it would be to get together for wine and pedicures.  Except that we live ALL. OVER. THE. COUNTRY (and Canada).

That lead us to talking about doing local blogger get togethers on one day and tweeting/blogging about it.

But then we thought it would be fun to each write a post that was sort of about blogging and how to be better at it.

And it just snowballed and snowballed and…ZOMG!

Bliss at Home was born!

And holy cow did you guys make it BIG…FAST!

So far we have over 120 “fans” on facebook who think it would be fun to check out.  (by the way, for now?  facebook is the best place to get updates.  So go “like” us there).

We thought it would be good to have a place where we could post sort of a schedule for you though, hence this post.

Bliss at Home will run the same dates as Blissdom:  Jan 26-29

The blog hostess for this event are:

Kate at Sluiter Nation (um, here.)

Shannon at Shasher’s Life

CDG at Move Over, Mary Poppins

Kristin at Peace, Love, and Museli

Maija at Maija’s Mommy Moments

We are all very different in our blogging.  We have all been doing this for different lengths of time.  We all have something unique to share.

Here is our schedule as we have it right now:

Wednesday, January 26:

Sluiter Nation:  Write Like You: finding your blogging voice

Shasher’s Life: Tips to Make Your Blog Suck Less

Move Over Mary Poppins:  —-

Peace, Love, and Museli: —-

Maija’s Mommy Moments: Everything I’ve Learned, I’ve Learned from Scott Stratton (plus a giveaway!)

Thursday, January 27:

Sluiter Nation:  Inside the Blogger’s Studio:  A new blogger and a seasoned blogger discuss blogging.

Shasher’s Life: — Tentative Guest Post By Adria McKenzie from GM Canada: A Sneak Peak Behind the Brand/Blogger Curtain PLUS a post from Shannon:  DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS

Move over Mary Poppins:   NOT Marketing Your Blog…and Why That is Ok Too.

Peace, Love, and Museli:  Blogging is Stinking Hard Work but We Should Still Do it

Maija’s Mommy Moments: Starting a Blog 101: From a newbie blogger to internationally syndicated in eight months

Friday, January 28:

Sluiter Nation:  SWAG, baby!  NINE giveaways to thank YOU for participating!

Shasher’s Life: Tentative Guest Post by Christine Lu from Edelman PR Firm: PR/Blogger Relations PLUS a post by Shannon

Move Over Mary Poppins: —–

Peace, Love, and Museli:  Turn Off The Computer: Go outside, read a book, get inspired!

Maija’s Mommy Moments: Community Blogging:  Why I Joined Urban Moms

Saturday, January 29:

The Best of Bliss at Home!  We will all be choosing our favorite posts by YOU to link to on our blogs!

Sunday, January 30:

Sluiter Nation will announce the swag winners.

*In addition to the “hostess” bloggers, there will be other bloggers doing posts on these topics as well that we will be linking to, so stay tuned!

**this is a preliminary schedule.  Things are subject to change or switch around.

There you have it! You know you want to join in, yes?  YES!!

Do you have questions?  Suggestions?  Worries?  Excitement?  Share with us!

Ok, so the title of this says there is also an announcement.  There is.  Something I am over the moon excited about.  Something that has me so honored I am still sort of in shock.

It’s so wonderful…you are just going to have to go HERE to find out.


Ahem.  So.

Bliss at Home.  The Red Dress Club.

I am one happy, blessed girl.

Can’t wait for all of you to join in on BOTH!

**DISCLAIMER:  Bliss at Home is in no way associated with Blissdom.  It was imagined by a bunch of blog-crazy women on twitter as a way to celebrate blogging**

Where Does He Get that HAIR?!?

This blog has been a wee bit on the serious side lately–I realize that.  Even when I am talking about positive things, it’s with a bit of a serious tone.

So we need some lightening up around here, yes?

Yes, I thought so too.

So I thought I would tackle a reader (and pretty much anyone we meet) question….

Where does Eddie get that HAIR?!?!

Almost every single person who sees Eddie asks me this question.  And since putting that new family picture up there at the top of the blog (THANK YOU, Missy!  Muah!), more and more people have been commenting on his curly blond locks compared to our dark tresses.  So I am here today to set the record straight!

First?  I can tell you were he DIDN’T get the hair….

I have clearly…CLEARLY…always had super straight hair (and an outstanding fashion sense).  however, it was blonder than it is now.  Well, now it’s darker due to umm…a little help.  But my TRUE hair color is brown.  But as a kid, it was MUCH lighter.

Now…take a peek at this guy…

Oh hello blond curls!!  Yes, that’s right, at one time Cortney had blond, soft curls.  And chubby little arms and legs…just like someone else I know…

Admittedly Eddie’s hair is not that curly here….I had just plastered it with sunscreen


So now we know where the hair came from.  But how about we take a minute to look at it’s future, shall we?

If Eddie’s hair truly is his father’s hair, here is what he can look forward to….

The curls?  They keep growing.  They are really not this red…it’s just good old early 80’s photography!  Maybe I will get Eddie’s hair cut before this happens…but maybe not.

They start to get a little tighter as the boy grows.  And a wee a little browner.  And that little green jacket?  Shut up!  Eddie is SURE to have style!

Even tighter curls.  Even browner curls.  Even cooler jacket.  The boy knows outerwear, people.  He so does.

Tight curls and baby chicks?  What is that?  Bunnies?  And I love the carefully posed hands on the open book.  Super chic.

I purposefully skipped the early adolescent years.  No one needs that.  And Cortney?  Would not be pleased if I posted that.  So here is high schoolish age.  Those curls?  Super tight.  Totally brown.  The transformation is almost complete….almost.

In college?  He went ahead and did this….

Yes, that is his actual hair.  My man?  Can grow a MEAN afro!  He is one studly white man with a fro!

Cortney apologizes to Eddie daily for the hair.  He says there are two haircuts:  short and long.  And if long goes bad?  It’s a fro-lett.

yes that is an afro mullet.  don’t mock.  Cort MAY have had one that matched his dad’s….

Maybe the fro is in Eddie’s future?  If it is?  He will DEFINITELY impress his friends.  He will be the hit of the sports team he is on (if he is on one.  his choice.  totally.)

Hopefully he will learn to embrace the curls like his dad has.  Hopefully he will love what he has in common with the man who loves him most in this world.

So yes, Eddie gets his cute little ‘do from his daddy.  And I think he also gets his heart-melting smile from him.  And his kind nature.  And his….

oh wait.

This was about hair.


So to answer your question:  Cortney.  He gets his hair from Cortney.