snow much fun

I have not been feeling well today.  Not at all.

So I am not feeling very scribe-ish or posty this evening.

Instead, I will just give you some pictures of my boys.

We live in Michigan..West Michigan.  So we get lots of lake effect snow, however compared with the rest of the country, this has been a fairly mild winter for us.

This weekend we finally got “play-able” snow.  After nap on Sunday, I got Eddie all geared up, Cort got himself geared up, and my matching men went out to play.

do these pants make my boo-tay look big?

the snow is THIS way!

come ON, dad!

Let's go explore, my little mini-me!

I need a shovel for the clubhouse!

exploring the winter wonderland.

We tried to get him outside with out the pipey in his mouth, but it is his saftey lovey when he is nervous…and the snow made him nervous (which I can TOTALLY relate to, little bud!)

They probably were only outside for 20 minutes, but it wore the little guy out…slept like a log that night.

Now I can’t wait for Cort to take him on the sled so I can sit inside alone and sip hot cocoa!  Yay!  Such fun Michigan winters bring!

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Milk and Cookies

nothing better on a cold, snowy Saturday.

Our Halls are Decked

Today is the first day of December…so the halls around here?  Oh they are decked.

I might like snowmen.

Also?  If you are looking for more about yours truly?  I am the featured blogger today on The Red Dress Club.  I almost fell over in shock and honor when Cheryl asked me.  So please don’t leave me alone over there. Don’t let them regret their choice.  Because I am all sorts of giggly and nervous over here.


Have a lovely Wednesday.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Guess where we went…

It was Eddie’s first time (since he got all rained out last year)…

it was hard to get a shot of him standing still.  it was like there was so much to touch and not nearly enough time!

I think we picked some great ones this year!

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Wordless Wednesday

In honor of my little brother’s impending one year anniversary to his beautiful bride, today’s Wordless Wednesday is a little vintage Eddie and his cousin Jack…all suited up and waiting for wedding fun.

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Wordless Wednesday

 The most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen…
the sweetest face on the planet…
 the smile that melts me every time…
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Wordless Wednesday

I have decided there is not enough Eddie on the blog lately, so for Wordless Wednesday?  My favorite summer snapshots (and one video of the wee guy with a balloon) for your viewing pleasure.  You’re welcome.
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summer lovin’…watermelon style

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