Project 365 {week 9}

This week was incredibly…normal.

Which seems sort of surreal since we know that in 9 days NOTHING will be “normal” again.

February 26: The boys make some Sunday brownies. mmm!

Februrary 27: I have developed a strange craving/love for Simply Orange Juice.


February 28: 37 weeks pregnant...just two weeks to go!

February 29: Eddie becomes obsessed with using coasters.

March 1: Charlie has got some friends waiting for him to get here.

March 2: Eddie loves books with Daddy...he makes funny voices!

March 3: Forgot my camera, but the day was all about this family. Until 2am. Boom.

It was a pretty awesome week here in Sluiter Nation.


psst.  Like those coasters?  You can get your own here.
(Today only use the code THESLUITERS for 10% off your whole order),

Like Charlie’s new little monster?  Eddie has one too.
You can get them here. (She also makes SUPER cute hobo bags)

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