Project 365: January 8-14, 2012

This week, the thing I realized I miss most about doing a picture (or 12) a day is getting my camera out for “ordinary” life.

This week, I tried to capture not just an event that summed up our day, but maybe just something that made me smile about the day.

January 8: coloring and stickers and little hands, oh my


January 9: Haircut day. Why is it he looks about 10 years older after a haircut?


January 10: homemade veggie beef soup and homemade cinnamon rolls. Because we can.


January 11: The couch is drying. Because there was puke on it from the boy. And no, that is not puke in the middle; that is velcro with papertowel in it.


January 12: Recovery at home with daddy.


January 13: 30 1/2 weeks pregnant. 60 days until Charlie is here.


January 14: lots of snow means we make lots of cookies, right?


What were the highlights of your week?