Getting Out Our Running Shoes

Let me start by saying that Cortney and I are NOT runners.  Not. Runners.

The last time either of us ran for anything was in college to exercise.  And the last time we were FORCED to run was in high school.

We don’t run.

We also don’t exercise.  A MAJOR FAIL on our part.  Both of us have gained weight:  Cort since quitting smoking almost 3 years ago, and me since having Eddie and starting the Celexa I am on for my PPD.

We need to move, but we lack motivation.

Recently I found out a friend from high school, the amazingly strong and beautiful Lynette of the blog Life…And My Journey Through It, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Not only was this a shock that someone my age, that I KNEW could have cancer, but I immediately started praying for her and her family.  We have experienced the ugly face of cancer in our family and I am pretty sure we would do anything to wipe it off this earth forever.

When Lynette shaved her head before chemo, I cried for her and pledged to cut off mine for Locks of Love when it was long enough.  I felt good about my decision, but it didn’t feel like enough. I felt helpless for her.  Stupid cancer was doing it again…making me feel helpless.

Yesterday, my awesome friend, Amy (also Eddie’s daycare provider extraordinaire–seriously our life-saver some days) asked how I knew Lynette.  I guess Amy went to elementary school with her.  She mentioned that she and some people we both knew were going to run the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure on Team Bell (Lynette’s team).  She asked if I wanted to do it.

At first this was hilarious to me.  Me?  Run?  Bwhahahahaha!  Only if someone is CHASING ME!

Then I thought about it.  I wanted to lose weight.  I wanted to kick cancer in it’s stupid teeth.  I wanted to show Lynette I supported her.  Yes.  I said yes.

I told Cort about it and he said, “sign me up too!”  What?  Then my BFF, Tonya, and her hubs decided to come up from Chicago that weekend and do it too!  I am so excited to do this!!!  I can’t wait to start training this week!

This is going to be a HUGE challenge for me–the perpetual couch potato.  I mean, you don’t write a million blog posts and tweets by moving away from your computer.  But I am going to do this.  I am going to do this for Lynette and for all the other people who have had to have this bee-och called cancer in their lives no matter what form.

*if you would like to make a pledge you can visit the Team Bell page and make a pledge under my name or Cortney’s name (or anyone else’s name…or to the team as a whole…whatever you want).  You can also sign up to run too!

Fall Has, Well, Fallen

Even though the weather is not so fall-like, there are other ways to tell it’s fall just by checking out what is going on in Sluiter Nation:

1. School has started! Our school schedules are in full swing now! I am starting to get used to having to hear a 5:00 a.m. alarm again, and Cort is getting used to an earlier start as well. I am also finally starting to learn all 120 names of my students! Cort is getting used to the regime of homework for his Tuesday and Wednesday night classes.

2. Bowling has started! Even though Cort has class on Tuesday nights, he still manages to fit in league bowling as well. Last year he talked my brother, Chris into joining his team. This year they somehow talked my other brother, Mike into bowling AND Cortney’s brother, Cody. I guess brothers who bowl together, well…anyway, they bowl together.

3. I found something else to take up my time since I don’t have a Master’s class. Since I don’t have to spend my time sitting in class in Kalamazoo or doing homework, I decided it was time to get into better shape. This has been a pretty long process–as many of you know, I HATE to do anything remotely athletic. My friend, Catye, from work started bringing me with her to they gym once a week this summer to try some of the classes my co-worker, Jenn, teaches. To my surprise, I actually liked it! So, here I am, a member of a gym! Luckily, Trisha is also a member and we work out together three times a week.

4. Football…and more importantly, FANTASY football…has started. This year Cortney is in three leagues and I’m in two. When we aren’t busy with work, the gym, bowling, or homework, we are checking to make sure all of our starters are healthy enough to start in the upcoming games.

Fall is definitely underway here in Sluiter Nation…so you’ll be a bit forgiving when the blogs don’t roll in like they do in the summer!

Canoe Pics!

Yesterday I posted our camping trip, but I didn’t have the canoe pictures back from Walgreens yet (I had to take a water-proof camera along…VERY weird not using digital), so here are the pics from on the river!

The day started off questionable with a HUGE thunderstorm from about 6:30 am until about 9:30. We weren’t sure if our 11:00 canoe extravaganza would be canceled. It wasn’t, but the clouds still threatened to rain on the river. Not so encouraging. The clouds cleared though, and we ended up with a PERFECT day for canoeing! MacKenzie and Dave and Cody and Liz started out strong and in the lead! Cort’s mom and Ray were close behind…
There’s our canoe! Smiles for Miles, as Cortney put it.
Here is one of our MANY breaks. It was supposed to be a 3-hour tour. We managed to stretch it to a 6.5 hour tour. Yeah, we are just that good.
The water was warm enough to, uh, take break in.
After a little bit of fun, Liz decided that she needed to take a dip. We were all certain she was going to tip their whole canoe over…but she perched herself on the side and just flipped right off! Later we found out she banged up her knee pretty good on the rocks. She also flipped INTO the canoe without tipping it over. What talent!

Yet another break…
Uh Oh! Mom and Ray flipped their canoe! They were the ONLY ones to flip AND they claimed they were NOT going to flip this year…better not make such bold claims next year!
Hmmm…I think we were starting to get tired around hour six.
Cort and I might not be hard-core campers, but we do make a pretty darn good canoe-team! Although next year we will have to remember to put sunblock on a little better!

Sunday Brunch

Sunday mornings at the Sluiter house usually involve a huge breakfast cooked by Cortney and a whole lot of sitting around. Louis is pretty much the MVP of this. He can find a sunbeam and get himself pretty darn relaxed.
He’s so relaxed, in fact, that he doesn’t realized there is a new customer at the Sluiter “deck” buffet. We’ve had birds and squirrels, but this morning, we had our first racoon:
Yup, he just dug in and chowed down as we sat here looking at him. Cortney was finally brave enough to crack the slider door and yell, “Get out of here, ya jerk!” This harsh comment compelled the Racoon to scurry off the feeder and get his big butt stuck in the slats of our deck. Since we were not about to help this dude out, he figured out how to wiggle his way out and shimmy down the deck. Then he waddled off to the woods. Who will be our next woodland visitor? Will I wake up to a deer up there tomorrow?