Do I have an accent?

So in an effort to keep my friend Lori entertained while she is confined to recovering from this, I decided to vlog for her.

But what about?

Well, since she is also sort of an expert in the field of language and speech development…AND since she held my hand and listened to me while about Eddie not saying any words for so long…I decided that a vlog about, well, TALKING would be appropriate.

This one has been floating around the blog world for a bit.

I saw it on Jen’s blog.

I decided to get my whole family in on it.  So first you will see Cort reading the words that are below the video.  Then I ask him some questions.  Then we flip and I do the words and answer the questions.

Then there is some Eddie nonsense.

So Lori…here are the Sluiters:  talking.

And here are the words we are saying.  You know, in case our Michigan accent is so thick you can’t  understand us:

Aunt, Roof, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminum, Envelope

So what do you think?  Do we SOUND like we come from Michigan?  Because we both do.  From the same town.  Born in the same hospital. 8 and a half months apart.

BlogHer Gave Me Monkey Butt

This is a very long over-due vlog.

Let me give you the back story…

So I went to this little blogging conference called Blogher.  They give out a buttload of swag at BlogHer.  So much in fact that when it came time to pack up and go home, my roomies and I had to create a “reject” pile on the table in our room of stuff we just couldn’t cram into our suitcase didn’t think fitted our personal needs.

Of course there was much riffling through this pile to see if someone else’s trash was indeed our treasure.

It was in this riffling one late night that I found something.

It was the last night of BlogHer.

I had come up to my room, taken a shower, put on my jammies, and was sifting through the “reject” pile while chatting with Natalie and Gigi.  It was late, I was pregnant and tired…and very, VERY punchy.

And that is when I found it.

A bright pink bottle amidst the rejected loaves of bread and thousands of thumb drives….

What in the ham sandwich is this and who GOT this as SWAG??

There was an explosion of wine-induced giggles from my non-pregnant blogging friends as they admitted that they both got “Monkey Butt” from a certain brand at that certain brand’s party.*

*Note here:  I promised not to announce on my blog that THIS BRAND gave them Monkey Butt since apparently they love this brand (actually, so do I) and we all three work with them and don’t want to tarnish anything.  But OMG…THIS BRAND GAVE THEM MONKEY BUTT!


Around this time, my other roommate, Nichole, comes home from the night of fun.  Just in time to witness the overly tired, punchy, pregnant lady who is in her jammies with wet hair and no make up do a pretty darn good sell of Monkey Butt powder.

They REALLY wanted to bust out their phones and get me to vlog it right there.

But I had to veto that decision.  I mean, see the previous description of me, right?

So I had to swear on my unborn child that I would vlog about this product when I got home.

And the next morning I flew out of San Diego with Monkey Butt.

Yes, I so did.

Then two months of being sick and tired and depressed went by.

And I never did the vlog.

But friends…especially Natalie, Gigi, and Nichole?

This is for you.

I hope you haven’t let your hopes get up…because it’s not all that awesome.

Oh, and excuse the mess.

And the bad hair.  I promise it’s getting chopped next week.


Here you go…

I know.

You have no words.

It’s ok.

Me either.

But I also don’t have Monkey Butt.

So there’s that.

The Sluiter Nation Booze Cruise

I couldn’t pass up this week’s VlogTalk topic.

While the idea of a blooper real was appealing, I realized the only bloopers I would have to share were so NOT vlogtalk-related and people in my life might get made.

So, I went with my favorite summer drink.

However, I realized that it really doesn’t take much time to make my fave drink, so I am going to show you around the boozey nation first.


For the record?  We also have a total of one beer in the fridge.

Coors Lite.

In case you were worried.

And while we are on the record?  Many of these bottles of liquor had a thick layer of dust.  Does Kahlua go bad?

Anyway, I really mostly drink diet coke in the summer, but that just wasn’t as fun as a booze cruise.

What is your favorite summer drink?  Tell me I am not the only one half-crocked on sipping wine on hot days.


PhotobucketI am linking up with Vlog Talk this week!


welcome to vlog talk

I hate vlogging.

No, I really do.  I know you guys think it’s funny or cute, but I feel like a monster doofus when I do it.

But I have fallen victim to vlogging once again.

Some blogging buddies of mine have started a weekly meme called Vlog Talk.  They give out some prompts and you can vlog one of them and link up.

So I have given in and participated this week.

Please ignore the fact that I look completely bummy.  I had just had a relaxing mani/pedi appointment and I wasn’t about to fix myself.  Plus?  It was super hot that day.

People?  Noisy phones suck.  I don’t care if you are an adult or a child.  Just…ew.

Want some more Vlog Talk?  Go check out everyone on the link up.




What is your child’s most annoying toy?  What do you do about it?  What should I do about these damn phones that he loves?

And the big question…should I do more vlogs?


If you have a second, could you hop on over to By Word of Mouth?  She has an important post called Paws 4 Thor today as her Monday Muse.  Thor could really use your support.

Top Ten Tuesday: The Stuff I Carry With Me

For this week’s Top Ten, I decided to combine the countdown with something else that has been requested:  a new vlog.

So not only am I counting down what it is that carry around with me in my purse?  But I am doing it on video.  And yes, I made my bed just for this video so you guys wouldn’t see my inner slob.  You’re welcome.

What do you carry everywhere?

Mommy’s First Vlog

So.  You are about to see me talking and sharing in what is called a VLOG.  This is my first try at it.  Alexis over at Depressions and Confessions issued the challenge to try to capture a day in the life.

She vlogs regularly and makes it look fun and easy.

It is not.

My vlog is terribly edited.  It is a tad too long.  And?  It starts off with me in the morning with no make-up.

So it’s not a Hollywood production, but you do get to see my boys at the end and there are glimpses of my classroom and a few of the ridiculous faces I pull when I am talking.

And…here it is.


Now that you’ve seen it…you should head over to Alexis’s place…she has a linky up and you can see some more Day in the Life stuff.  Probably ALL more exciting than mine.