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ok, so I left you all hanging yesterday by telling you we went to a gender reveal party that we guessed BOY for.  We were wrong.  Cort’s brother and his wife are having a baby GIRL!  Lilliana Marie.  She is due in November at Thanksgiving.  The first girl on the Sluiter side after four boys.

Yeah, Cort’s mom is pretty excited.

Speaking of baby girls, my brother and his wife are having their second child, a girl named Maria Mae, at the beginning of November.  This will be the first girl on my side of the family after three boys, so MY mom is excited too.

I might be bursting about throwing TWO girly baby showers.



Because I am still feeling random, and because this weekend was so busy, I was of COURSE playing on pinterest and looking at pictures.

Because how else do you avoid being productive?

Here…look what I found in the “vintage eddie” files:

Daddy and Eddie: fall 2009

Eddie was in the saucer by 4 months. WHAT?

Eddie was eating rice cereal at 4 months. we may skip this altogether with Charlie.


These pictures made me all “OH!  A boy and his daddy!”  So I took these pictures:

we call this: Pig Pile Daddy

oh my heart.


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in my heart

Being a mother was supposed to be natural and easy.

but it wasn’t for me

Being a mother was supposed to be pure joy.

But it hasn’t been for me.

Being a mother was supposed to be what I was made for.

But it’s been difficult for me.

Being a mother was supposed to “make me understand” what my mom said all those times when she was worried or happy or proud or scared or just overwhelmed.

And it has.

Being a mother has made me believe in things I thought only happened to other people…

love at first sight
getting lost in someone’s eyes
napping with someone in my space
being comfortable with someone in my personal bubble
wanting sick cuddles
seeing my exact personality in someone else
my heart leeping when I see these two smile together
filling with pride for something I “did” yet….didn’t do.
feeling a perfect and uncomplicated love
and being ok with sippys in the bed

I  now understand that simple line in the Christmas story that reads,

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19)

Being a mother has taught me what I already know:  time is so very temporary.

And I need to treasure each moment.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Thank you to Cort and Eddie for making my Mother’s Day so special.
Tomorrow I will continue my blogging tips series, but I needed to share my heart today.


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belly laughs

I was prepared for the pain.

Four years earlier, Cortney had abdominal surgery to remove his appendix.  I remembered him holding his tummy as he shuffled around the house.

I wasn’t surprised that having a C-section made me look similar to his old man pose.

What did surprise me was how painful it was just to twist my torso to see Eddie in his little baby “aquarium” thing.  Or how much effort it would be to get out of bed, shuffle across the room, and lower myself onto the toilet to pee. And then getting back UP from the toilet?

I was tired a lot.

One of the first times I got up from my hospital bed and shuffled to the bathroom all by myself, the only people in the room to witness my triumph were Cort and Eddie, and to be honest?  Eddie did not cheer and hoot like I felt he should. Cort was only slightly more encouraging.

Anyway.  I had made it to the bathroom.  I had finished peeing. And I was just sitting there mustering up the energy to lift myself up to standing when I heard it.

A long, loud drawn out bit o flatulence.

And then?  laughter.

As I sat there in my gown with the mesh undies around my ankles, I put my hands up to my face and groaned.

Really, Cortney?

And he was STILL laughing.  And there may have been heavy breathing and then more laughing.

Ok, really?  Was his fart REALLY that funny?

I took a deep breath, grabbed the mesh undies with one hand and the grab bar in the other and slowly stood up.  I cradled my soft belly in one hand and adjusted my undergarments with the other.

He was still laughing.  It sounded almost painful.  Really?

I hunched over the sink washing my hands and looking at my greasy hair and pale skin.

He continued to laugh.

Finally, I opened the door and saw him.

He was sitting on the couch, our wee one in his arms, head thrown back, tears streaming down his face…laughing.

“Cort.  It was a fart.  It’s not THAT funny.  It’s sort of gross.”

He shook his head as his body erupted with deep laughter and tears all over again.

I shuffled to the bed.

“Seriously, babe.  Not that funny.”

He wiped the tears from his eyes while shifting our little burrito to his other arm.

“No, Kate…it wasn’t me.”

And the laughter started again as he threw his head back onto the window ledge.


And then I got it.  He was pointing at Eddie.

“OH MY…” and the laughter started somewhere deep within me.  I tried to stop it, knowing how a belly laugh would tear at my wound, but I couldn’t stop it.

Tears streamed down my face–both from pain and from joy.

“That was such a…such a…,” I gasped, “MAN FART!”

And we both lost it all over again.

“No…stop…,” I begged, “I can’t….it hurts…ohhh!!!”

Finally our laughter gave way to heavy sighs and the wiping of tears.

Every now and then a chuckle would escape our lips and we would stifle it…trying not to hurt me again with a full on attack.

This little man….

Turned into this little man…

And his toots?  Are just as loud and ridiculous.

And they have not stopped being funny either.

Secret Mommy-hood Confession Saturday

Ok so Kimbery over at All Work and no Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something confesses stuff on Saturdays.  It’s not an actual meme, just something she does.

But I thought since I am all out of things to say (actually, I’m not…I just can’t get in the mood to write about any of them right now), that I would participate since I DO have a confession.

And it is this:

I let my kid watch TV all the dang time.

That’s right.  The TV is rarely off in this house.  Ever.

See?  Even from Eddie’s beginning we had that darn TV on constantly.  This area of our house is where Eddie has been pretty much raised.  It’s our living room.  It has a TV.  Hence the boy is in front of the TV a LOT.

There it is.  On again in the background of tummy time last summer.  By 4 months this kid probably knew all the Tigers and their position.  And that they suck.

He even learned to roll himself over on his tummy and fall asleep when we were losing.  Smart boy.  Although I am starting to wonder if not only did I let him watch TV too much, but I had him on the floor too much too.  huh.

Here we are…more recent.  This is probably just a month or so ago.  At least we decided that if the TV was going to be on?  Perhaps we should have kid-appropriate shows on.  For awhile Eddie was watching whatever we had on…and I am guessing Gangland on the History Channel is probably not the most appropriate show for a 15 month old.

This kid loves his TV shows.  In fact, the other night after he went to bed?  I realized there were NO shows on the Tivo for me to watch.  It was FILLED with Eddie’s programming.

The fact that we have Dora on demand constantly is maybe not healthy.

So we have turned off the TV from time to time (it’s off right now and it’s WAY to quiet in the house.  I am all creeped out).

But then this happens…

Yup.  Sesame Street on my laptop.


The boy loves TV.

The boy is quiet when we put the TV on.

The boy signs “more” when his Tivo-ed program ends.

It’s cute.

And did I mention he is quiet?

Oh man…what did I create?

Sponsor Highlight: mL photography

Some of our biggest supporters are our friends.

Am I right here, people?

That is why I am so happy my lovely friend Missy and I can support each other.

I blog my face off and she snaps some pretty snazzy pictures.  It’s what we do.

Ok, “snazzy” might be an understatement; Missy happens to be a whirlwind of awesome behind her lens….

and my family may have been lucky enough to have her as our “personal” photographer…

…all the way from back when Eddie was just a bun baking away in my oven…and Louis was still an “only child”.

She has grown her little side project exponentially over the past couple years.

She knows just how to capture everyone’s unique personality in her photos so that no one has the same pictures on the walls.  In her words? “I ain’t no Olen Mills!”

Did I mention she’s funny?

And that she is amazing with little kids?

Somehow in the midst of what I think is a total photoshoot fail, she gets the perfect shot…

you would never know he was drooling, spitting up, and being all around uncooperative this WHOLE shoot, would you?

every. dang. time.

And just when I think she can’t get any better…she also offers Christmas cards!

(Sluiter Nation MAY have gotten this very design and MAY have them ready to mail already.)

I am so blessed to have her advertising here on my little bloggy blog!

And just in time for the holidays?  She has some specials for you…YES, YOU (well, you as in locals…or can make yourself locals).

Taken straight from the lovely photographer’s mouth…

“what  better than a fabulous photograph of your favorite people as a gift for Christmas?

Therefore,  through the end of November, gallery mounts, mini  mounts, canvas prints, circular prints, finished albums, wall  calendars, magnets,  collages, and styrene mounted prints are all 20%  off!”

You didn’t think that was it, did you?  Oh no…she has something BIG a’brewing too!

“[mL photography] is  so SO very grateful for amazing clients, friends, and family this past year. wowza. it has been incredible. therefore, in honor of all the fabulousness I have been blessed with, tis time to bestow some upon all  of YOU.

the big announcement is finally *here*..

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Dudes.  This is big stuff.

Need more information?  Want to see more of her work?  OF COURSE YOU DO!  So go to her website and “like” her on facebook.  You don’t want to miss any of these fab giveaways!

Because pictures? Are a way to look at memories.  And memories make fabulous gifts.

Oh hey…Top Ten Tuesdays on Tuesday is Top Ten Christmas List Wishes: Internet Edition…don’t miss it…start YOUR list now so you can link up!  Because I may want to take your ideas and add them to my list.

Our Little Halloween

Ah Halloween.

I have never been a giant Halloween fan. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate it or anything.  It’s just not my favorite holiday.  But as with everything else, we do have some traditions that we have had that Eddie is now becoming a part of.

First we have our annual pumpkin choosing.  This has usually consisted of me buying pumpkins from Meijer or Family Fare, but this year we took Eddie to an actual roadside farm that was selling them.  He had a ball!

Another tradition we have is to go to Cortney’s mom and stepdad’s house to carve pumpkins.  Granny Kim and Gramps have us over each year for a carve-a-thon and a yummy meal!

Granny picks all of us a pumpkin to carve.  And each year it is a BIG deal to see who can have the coolest design.

I’m telling you…we are serious.  It’s a little intimidating because people like Cort and Dave really put a TON of thought into theirs (a couple years ago Dave did the Obama logo…it was awesome.  Until one of the dogs ate the pumpkin and you could tell what it was).

I think this year, Grampy Ray won the prize!  His was actually quite good compared to what he has created in the past!  Ha ha!

And because Granny would not be home for us to trick-or-treat to over the weekend, she had a little something special for her little guy…

Granny sure knows the way to this guy’s heart!

Of course, we still had a pumpkin at home that needed carving too, so Friday night Eddie and Daddy grabbed that pumpkin and did some damage.

Daddy did most of the work, of course, since sharp things and gooey things are not things Momma lets Eddie partake in yet.

The final result?  Totally awesome!

Besides picking the perfect pumpkin and carving a super cool jack-o-lantern, we also have to get Eddie a sweet costume.  Last year, he was a little monkey…

and we needed to prop him up next to his jack-o-lantern to get a picture.  Yes, that is some good vintage Eddie right there!

This year, I didn’t want to spend money on a costume he would only wear for maybe an hour.  I was all set to go to Mom and Baby Again to see what they had in his size, when my mom reminded me of the bunny costumes she made for my brothers and me when we were little.

That is my little brother, Chris, and me all dressed up in furry suits my mom made for us.  That fur?  Was on my bedroom walls when we first moved into the house my parents still live in.  Yup, it was awful.  That is why my mom pulled it off the walls…and created bunny suits.

Anyway, my mom pulled those costumes out of her cedar closet and wouldn’t you know it?  The small one fit Eddie!

I die of cute!!!  He was so good about wearing the “dead cat” suit and the headpiece!  So of course our first stop was Grandma’s house…since she made the costume.

Thank you, grandma, for letting me wear this costume.

Back in our subdivision, our little bunny lasted a whole two houses before it was time to go back home.  He doesn’t really understand the concept of trick-or-treating anyway.

But he does understand candy!

And with a bucket of the stuff?  He did NOT want to be in that costume any longer!  It was time to go inside!

Happy Halloween to you all!

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Wordless Wednesday

In honor of my little brother’s impending one year anniversary to his beautiful bride, today’s Wordless Wednesday is a little vintage Eddie and his cousin Jack…all suited up and waiting for wedding fun.

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