baby update and a conversation with Eddie

Friday I had my 16-week OB appointment.

It was about 80 degrees out, I was wearing a stretchy skirt and maternity shirt and I was feeling sweaty and big.  I also had a pounding headache.

At 16 weeks.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t start getting actually uncomfortable until well after 20-some odd weeks with Eddie.

Oh, the joys of the second pregnancy.

Anyway, the entire drive from work to the doctor’s office consisted of me praying for a “pants on” appointment.  I really couldn’t remember when those started last time, but it had to be soon, right?  I mean the last three appointments had some sort of poking and prodding.  This one should be quick…right?

Thankfully the answer to that was yes.

I was the last appointment on a Friday.  I walked right in with no waiting.

Baby has a strong heartbeat, I am measuring normally, and have gained a total of one pound this pregnancy (I guess this is where 14 weeks of vomiting my face off has it’s upside).

The good doc did order a blood test to find out if my horrible sinus stuffiness is allergies (since I have never officially had tests done for that) or if I just have really, really bad pregnancy stuffys.

And we were handed our paperwork for my ultrasound…on October 24.

I know that the PURPOSE of this ultrasound is to check baby innards and measure bones and such, but of course all I can think about is BOY OR GIRL????

That evening Eddie decided we needed to watch Wheel of Fortune in momma and daddy’s bed.  So he and I were cuddling and I asked him what he thought.  As usual, he said the baby would be a girl that we would call Baby.

Then we had this conversation:

Me: Are you going to be a good big brother?

E: Yes. Bib other (Big brother).

Me: Are you going to help with the baby?

E: Yes. Help baby. (as he nods)

Me: What do babies need?  What will we have to do?

E: bobbles (bottles), wock (rock), cooks (books), uddles (cuddles).

Me.  Oh yes, babies need lots of cuddles!  and you are soo good at that!

E:  Ok, momma.  Momma uddle?  Momma eed uddles ow? (Momma need cuddles now?)

Me: You bet, bud.  You bet.

And this was about the time we heard Canadian Geese flying south over our house.

E: ut dat, momma? (What’s that, Momma)?

Me: Those are geese.  They are going south for the winter.  On vacation.

E: a-ca-son?  (vacation)

Me:  Yup.

E: eddie too!

Me:  Nope, we tough out the cold weather here at home.

E:  Oh noooo.

Me:  Yup, Oh no is right.  But the geese will come back.  In fact, by the time they come back, you will be a big brother!

E: Yay!  (followed by clapping)

He has no idea how much his life will change before those geese get back.

I am not sure any of us know.

But we are getting pretty excited.


Hey look, I finally finished reading a book and actually reviewed it!  I know MANY of you read The Help, so I would be interested to hear what you think.  Hop on over and discuss with  me, will you?

Oh, and if YOU have a book you would like to write about, let me know.  I am ALWAYS looking for reviews to put up there since I have been reading about as fast as the road construction is getting done by our house.  That would be SLOW.