My Bloggy Turn-Ons (and Turn-Offs)

I’ve been doing this blog thing for awhile.

My four-year blogoversary is allegedly coming up this summer.

And admittedly, after pounding these keys for that long, I should know more about this blogging stuff.

But I really don’t.

In fact, it’s almost embarrassing how little I know about the blogging world after four years.

Apparently, though, I have some of you completely snowed into thinking I know a thing or two about this thing called blogging.

What I have come to find is that I troll for blogs the same way I used to hunt for a mate.

Stay with me here.

When I used to check out guys, there were some first impressions that were made.  It’s the same way when I click over to a blog for the first time.  I’m checking it out, trying to see if it would be a place I would like to frequent.

And so…my turn-on’s and turn-off’s…

Turn On: A blog with a clean look.  I have always liked my dudes well-kept and I am the same way about blogs that I check out.   Being well-groomed and tidy just feels…comfortable.

Turn Off: Flashing ads, jumble pile of buttons and badges, google ad sense ads, crazy background designs, dancing pandas…wait…what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, I don’t like to be overstimulated.  I am at your blog for your content.  Too much “stuff” is like too much jewelry…it just looks clunky and like you’re trying to hard.

Turn On: Easy to find about page, contact info, ways to follow (email subscribe, rss feed, twitter account, facebook fanpage, etc).  I do a LOT of clicking over from other places.  If I like what I’m reading?  I want to know about you and possibly follow you.  Make it easy on me because I am lazy or I won’t be back.

Turn Off: When I can’t find your name…or even your pen name.  I can’t tell you how many “about” pages I have read that are in the first person, but never give a name.  They will even go so far as to give an email address.  But I won’t email you…because I don’t know your NAME.  It’s like dating.  If you’re going to give your digits?  Let me know who I am supposedly calling.

Turn On: Threaded comments.  WordPress does this automatically.  I love when I can reply to another commenter AND the author can reply to comments this way.  It’s an instant conversation and I LOVE a great conversation.

Turn Off: Using disquis for your threaded comments.  For whatever reason diquis hates me and won’t load half the time so I can’t comment.  It’s hard to have a conversation when I can’t get through.

Turn On: Great content.  You can’t just be a pretty blog and say nothing.  I will not stay, I say.

Turn Off: word verification.  wordpress and blogger both have ways to “catch” spam now.  No one needs word verification.  Unless you are trying to discourage comments.

Turn On: Being available and real.  If you let me know that you know that I visited your place?  I get all happy.  It could be a reply to my comment, an email, or just a shout out on twitter.  Spreading love you receive is the best way to make me want to come back for more.

Turn Off: the cold shoulder.  There are blogs I simply don’t read any more because the blogger NEVER talked to me .  Not in comments, not on my blog, not in email, not on twitter(this goes for BIG HUGE bloggers as well.  Some actually chat with their followers, others?  not so much) .  If you ignore my existence?  I will cease to exist on your blog.  It doesn’t mean you need to kiss my butt every time I visit; just acknowledging that I am a reader of yours by engaging with me on twitter will make me like you that much more.

Long story short? You have to be attractive AND have something to say.

You have to be clean and fresh AND hold a conversation.

Otherwise your blog is just another cute butt in a pair of Levis.

Do you enjoy these posts about blogging?  Do you want more tips?  Let me know; I’ve blogged on blogger and wordpress.  I know a couple things.  And my mama taught me to share.