Birthday Party, Cheesecake, Jelly Bean, BOOM!

I could talk for thousands of words about Eddie’s birthday.

But I won’t.

Because some stories need to be told in pictures.

This is how we celebrated three years of being parents to this guy…

Obviously the day started with a cupcake (and french toast sticks). Obviously.

“Mom? Why I stand out here in my jammies?”


the maiden voyage of the new blue scooter.

Woke up from nap to presents from some very wonderful ladies.  Don’t let the look fool you, he was just waking up.

Birthday dinner at Red Robin…YUM!

we let this guy come along with us.

The singing, clapping, and “CAKE IN A CUP???” was a super hit. He’s still talking about it.

as I wiped his hands he whispered, “I love you, mom.” cue the heart melt.

happy birthday boy.

Cort found eddie in the road watching the kids across the street after dinner.
“Dad? I wish MY pool had a slide.” ::cue giant sigh::
no, he did not get a pool with a slide for his birthday. So he still covets this.

Yesterday was PAR-TAY-DAY!

and we let them eat cake.


I made these (thank you pinterest).

to wet your whistle.

All About Eddie

lunch of sloppy joes, chips & dip, fruit, and pasta salad was a hit!
I mean, a “train man hat” makes everything awesome.

Oh man. These are about to be ravaged.

he was more excited than he looks.
so was I.

wiggly fun sprinkler.
almost everything he got was an outdoor toy.

ok, so I had to sneak this cutie pic Cort took of Kingston in.
Love our nephews!

He LOVES being sung to!

blowing out those candles…while gripping the flashlight his Granny gave him.
Yes, he slept with that flashlight.

don’t forget to take a cookie on your way out!

After everyone left and he came in from running around outside with his new toys, Eddie wanted his cookie treat.
He took one bite, set it down, and asked to go to nap.
Party success.

and then this happened.

I won’t lie.

This all was a LOT of work.

And after everyone left and the messes were picked up?

Three out of the four of us passed the heck right out for 2+hours.

And one person did his homework and paid bills.

Sucks to be that person.


Special thanks to…

Becky for the yummy cookies (see button in sidebar for discount!)

Courtney for the amazing invitations, banner, goody bag toppers, water bottle trains, confetti, railroad crossing signs, food signs, and anything else I forgot.  You never cease to amaze  me with your talent and all around awesome.

Our family for spending a couple hours of their Sunday with us to celebrate Eddie.

The Visels for the early gift to Eddie that has kept him busy outside all week.

Granny for the flashlight that makes Eddie brave in the dark.

Uncle Mike for finding the BIGGEST nerf gun the store had (related: it lives under our bed)

All of you for the love you have spewed for my sweet boy in the comments here on and facebook.

And mostly, to my wonderful husband, Cort who took {almost} all the pictures you see here.  This day would not be possible without you (for obvious reasons), but also because you remain calm and cool in the face of my stress ball anger pants about all details.  Thank you for playing trains with Eddie.  I love you.