i am a fashion emergency

I know, I know.

Some of you totally do not believe that title.

In fact, I got a TON of compliments on this…(you are all SERIOUSLY too kind)…

taken by the lovely and talented Missy of mL photography for my biz cards/blog

But people?  I did not dress myself here.

The truth behind this is that I asked Cort what I should wear.  He suggested the blue to match my eyes.  He knows what I look good in better than I do.

Which is why I often blog stalk people like Torie from Twenty Five Design for cute fashion ideas.

When she asked me over to her blog today?  Well I just couldn’t say no!  Maybe being in her space would rub off on me!

So hop on over to her blog, Life with Rylie, and check out my blog-sitting skills.  And learn about my awkward fashion moments.

Also?  If you like pretty things?  You will LOVE Torie’s shop.

I may be obsessed.