contests for you and for me! wee!

There are lots of blogs that do some sort of weekend wrap up of stuff they like to read or cool things around the internet.

I love those blogs and look forward to some great posts and deals each weekend while I sip my decaf coffee and nom on a bagel cookie.

This weekend I have something to share with you! Something BIG!

My good friends over at Tiny Prints just gave me the heads up about The Tiny Prints Talent Search Contest!

People?  This is AWESOME (and you KNOW I will be entering the Sluiters)!!

First place gets $1000, a gift certificate to Tiny Prints for $500, AND a featured spot in the Tiny Prints 2012 campaign!

Talk about a HUGE prize right before Christmas!

I know we could use it! With a new baby coming, we need us some Tiny Prints announcements…and the money would buy us at least a week’s worth of diapers.

You should enter too!  There are five categories:

  1. Cutest baby (age 0-24 months)
  2. Cutest kid (ages 25 months – 10 years)
  3. Cutest family (um, the Sluiters…duh…but you should enter too)
  4. Cutest couple
  5. Cutest pet and owner

After the entry period (until November 21), the entire community will be able to vote!

So how do you enter? It’s super easy…Tiny Prints facebook page or the Tiny Prints website.

Like the fine print?  You can go here to read the Official Rules of the contest.

So go enter!


Sluiters LOVE photo contests!  In fact…

I entered a picture that the lovely Missy of mL photography took of Cort and I into a contest.  The top 10 photos in this facebook album with the most “likes” will get a chance to win.  The prize?  The photo turned into a piece by Modern Bird Studios.  This is really, reallyall I want for Christmas.

So if you are on facebook, and you want to go “like” Modern Bird Studios and then “like” our photo?  That would make my holiday.

And then go enter the Tiny Prints Talent Search Contest!

we {mostly} respect The Bird

Ok, Ok…I know.

People here in the USA do not respect the turkey.

We just don’t.  We say we do and then we fly ahead and put Christmas stuff out…even if we think we are being subtle about it (ahem, MOM).  Or we can’t resist the temptation to listen to the radio station with all the Christmas music.

Don’t act like you don’t do it.  I have seen your tweets and facebook statuses.

I can proudly say I have NOT given into any of these things.

No, for the Sluiters the Christmas season starts on Black Friday and not a minute before.

Except for one thing.

Holiday Cards.

One of my friends recently posted this on facebook:

Christmas cards?  Yes or no?  And if yes, why?  What should we do? Who gets one?  Tips?

I know in this age of constantly being connected and always “talking” to everyone we have ever known thanks to facebook, twitter, email, blogs, etc. it’s very easy to just say nuts to the whole card idea.

Plus there is The List.  Who is on it?  Where do you draw the line?  And holy crap why does postage keep going up?

But my comment on my friend’s status?

YES!  Cards!  They are so fun to get in the mail…especially the ones with pictures!  We keep them up year ’round!  And you just have to stick with close family and friends if you want.

It’s true.  I LOVE Christmas cards!  I love to give them and receive them.  My heart soars when I get home from work and trudge out in the cold to the mailbox and pull out a stack of red and green and white envelopes that have The Sluiters written by hand across the front.

It makes me feel remembered and loved.

Before having kids, Cort and I used to line our book shelves with all the cards.  But with a toddler, that doesn’t last long, so last year we found a solution.

Card Display from WillowHouse

Right behind our front door, Cortney hung up a card display that I bought from Willow House last year. At Christmas we put all the cards and photos we are sent in it.

Then, once Christmas is over, I take all the cards out, snip the photos from them, and only keep the pictures up…but they stay there year ’round.  We add any other cards or pictures or announcements we are sent throughout the year until Christmas and then we start over again.

It gets pretty full throughout the year

We used to post all the pictures on our fridge after Christmas, but it got too cluttered, this way everyone who comes in can see our pictures, and we are reminded of loved ones as we leave and return to our home.

As far as sending Christmas cards, I think you can tell I am partial to the photo card.

We set up a fall photoshoot for our family for the beginning of November to get a cute shot of our family that will hopefully stay up all year at our friends’ and families’ homes.

We get usually get our cards from our photographer most years, but this year we are also getting some from Tiny Prints (since our list is growing!)

Tiny Prints is one of my favorite online stationary shops.  They always have the most modern and hip and cute designs.  I think the design we are going with this year is this one:

We will put a family picture and an Eddie picture on it.

It was a hard choice because look at these awesome choices:

this is a close second to the one I might still sway me. what do you think?

these trifold are A-DOR-A-BLE!

if only square didn't require more postage. le sigh...

Tiny Prints really has such swoonable cards.

And they are soooo easy to use.  Just go to their Christmas Cards section to get started.  There are easy to use filters on the left to help you narrow down the type of card you want (I used the “2 photo” filter to find one that would work for us).

So tell me, do you have a Holiday card tradition?  How do you decide who makes The List to get one?

**Legal Stuff:  This is a sponsored post by Tiny Prints, but it’s all true.  I do love me some Christmas Cards.