The Angry Bird

Ever since Charlie was born, I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Call me a pessimist if you must, but I just knew he couldn’t be this easy-going and totally chill without some sort of devilishness pent up inside.

I mean, he is part of my DNA too.

It took eight months, but we found what will turn my sweet little happy Charlie Bird into an all out Angry Bird.

The cause? Teeth.

For awhile now (months, even), Charlie has had two cute little bottom teeth. Although, since his smile is very elusive when the camera busts out, it has been difficult to capture them…unless he is yelling at me.

It is NOT easy to get a shot of those little things! Also? This has been his perma-look lately.

Suddenly, in the past couple weeks ALL THE OTHER TEETH decided to make an appearance.

Now, Home Sluice (see what I did there?  Play on the silent “u” in our last name? you love it.) took the first two teeth in stride.  Just a bit extra gnawing and drooling and *pop* there they were.

The rest? Have not been so kind.

The first to appear was another bottom tooth.  It didn’t come with much pomp and circumstance…just arrived one day.

And then that first top tooth decided to push through and BOY HOWDY did he tell us about it.  That little top gum swelled up and I could see the entire form of the tooth days before it pushed its white little self on through to the other side.

Just as that one came through, the other side started swelling something fierce…and the fourth bottom one started trying to poke through.

If you follow me on fb or on twitter, you know I have been a barrel of anxiety over little man’s sadness lately.  Over the long weekend he just seemed to feel like absolute crud.

He was sleeping all the time, not wanting his bottle, and running a fever.

Finally on Sunday those stupid teeth poked through.

Cort and I heaved a collective sigh of relief and hoped that maybe we were going to get over this hump.

Charlie did better at daycare today, but was still not wanting his bottle.  And then I realized he only wanted baby food.  Nothing to nom on either…and usually he LOVES to gnaw the crap out of a cracker or some apple.

Tonight Cort peeked around in Charlie’s mouth only to find a third top tooth trying to come through.

Poor buddy can’t catch a break.

No wonder he doesn’t want to suck on a bottle…it probably hurts like an SOB.

And no wonder he is pissed off…he’s HUNGRY.

I thought he didn’t want formula anymore, but he really tries to drink it, but it hurts so he tosses the bottle and cries.  He bites the nipples and wails.

Oh the wails.

He has developed this whine that is more like a pig squealing…an really REALLY angry pig squealing.

I have a headache, can you tell?

I just want my happy baby Bird back.

Nuts to this Angry, Pig-Squeal Bird.

I want THIS Charlie back!


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