Snow Daze

When I was little, it seemed like every winter meant tons of snow. I am not sure if this is actually the truth, or if it’s just the memory from my childhood perspective. I’m sure “a lot” was different to me as a five-year-old than it is to me as an adult. If I needed snow pants, it was “a lot”.

There was a week when I was in high school that we had off from school because of snow, and there was one when I was an undergrad when WMU actually closed (something that is extremely rare). I remember that one because I was waiting for the city bus outside the townhouse with a couple roommates. The snow was up to our knees, and one of our other roommates yelled out the front door that classes were canceled. We didn’t believe him and stood there for another 10 minutes until we realized the buses weren’t running to campus.

2014-01-22 17.39.13

Right now we have a lot of snow.

This winter has been particularly snow-filled, and I feel like I’ve taken it in stride. I mean, we live in Michigan and it’s January. This is not an anomaly.  It feels like one though.

My school has had a total of six snow days now.  THAT is an anomaly. Being an urban district, we rarely use our snow days. We have allotted five in our contract before we have to make up days.  This is the first time in my 13 years that we have met and surpassed our quota.

2014-01-27 09.13.11

Eddie’s school district has had even more days closed since they have so many rural roads.  Of course there is also the FEET of snow we have out there and the sub-zero temperatures that make it feel like -20 degrees.

We haven’t cleared our deck since it started snowing in December over Christmas break. There is now a good four feet out there.

2014-01-27 10.00.05

If we threw Charlie out there, we would lose him. That is nuts.

Cort and Eddie ventured out this past weekend to explore the snow and get out of the house for a bit.  We almost lost them in the snow piles too.

2014-01-25 12.03.23


We have so much snow, the plows can’t keep up. Our subdivision hasn’t been plowed since Saturday (it’s now Tuesday). Yesterday I ventured out to make Eddie’s haircut appointment. It’s only a mile away. It was way more harrowing a drive than it should have been.

Even the main roads, which are plowed, are super slick because salt/sand doesn’t do a whole lot when it’s so cold out. So everyone is slipping and sliding through intersections.

The local news has given up on reporting on anything other than the cold, the snow, and crashes and other accidents that are related to the cold and snow.


While the days off have been nice, I’m ready to go back to work.  I don’t “hate” snow days like some moms do. I don’t mind being home with the boys (although, if I am honest, cabin fever does start to set in since my boys are of the play outside sort).

I do mind being off our normal schedule.  It gives me a little anxiety because each day we have off, I mentally start reworking my lesson plans and goals for the current marking period at school.

I know Eddie’s teacher is probably doing the same thing, and I feel for her. While I’m not worried about Eddie missing out on lessons or instruction, I know he probably has classmates who desperately need it.



I’m trying to just relax, take these days as a breather to get some extra homework and writing and playing done, and enjoy the memory-making of That One Year When We had All That Damn Snow.




Banana Bread

I like to bake with Eddie, but I like even more to bake alone.

When I am alone I can have a hankering for something and whip it up without needing it to be an “activity”.

On snow days home from school, I LOVE to bake.

The snowed in feeling sort of begs for a baked good to be in oven, am I right?

So I had these sitting on the counter yelling at me about how brown they were getting.

2013-02-08 13.20.30



So I busted out the recipe that my mom always used to make when she had shouty brown bananas on her counter.

(Notice her recipe calls for oleo? Yeah, I don’t use “oleo” or margarine.  I use REAL butter! Yum! And yes, those eggs? From chickens a teacher-colleague of mine owns. No bleaches or anything in those!)

So while the boys were away, I made the house smell good.

And made sure we had a yummy snack for after work/daycare.

[gmc_recipe 6467]

What is one of your favorite baked goods to make on a chilly day?


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