Treat Yourself!

I have been advertising on facebook and on twitter that right now I am having a Thirty One Gifts party.

I honestly thought this would be taking off more than it has, and to be honest, I have been REALLY bummed at the lack of turn out.

I may have been lamenting this fact on twitter the other night when someone replied that she really didn’t know what Thirty-One is and that she didn’t want to spend her money on something she wasn’t sure about.

Well THAT makes sense!

So I figured I would SHOW you guys how awesome this stuff is…and why I HAD to have a party!

I heard of thirty-one gifts through my lovely bloggy friend, Lindsey.  She has an online party and I bought just a couple little things:  a personalized clipboard and paper for work.  Because I spent enough, I also got a free pouch thrown in.

This pouch? Made me realize my love of Thirty-One

I love my clipboard and my paper, but this little pouch?  This pouch and it’s cuteness and function made me fall in LOVE with all things Thirty-One.

For one, it’s a MUCH better way to pack things like make-up or jewelry than a plastic baggy.

Also?  You can get everything to match each other!  Or you can sample all of their designs.

Anyway, I went about my life loving my clipboard and using up my paper with “Mrs. Sluiter” printed across the top and stuffing my pouch with things all the time.

Then my lovely sister-in-law, Liz, had a party.  I couldn’t go, but you bet your booty cheeks I put in an order! Look what I got!

new, personlized lunch bag!

Liz just dropped my order off yesterday and I am already dreaming of the lovely lunches I can pack in this adorable little bag!  It’s insulated to keep my homemade lean cuisine all nice and chilled, plus it’s tall enough for not just a typical bottle of water, but my actual water bottle!  Awesome!  And it has a cute little front pocket!

I also ordered this:

what is this sweet little tied up bundle of cute?

oh! it's an adorable little organizer!

I am IN LOVE with my new little organizer!  It’s perfect for the blogger…or the mom…or the person who makes lists.  Really.  It’s got this handy notepad inside with pockets for pens, a calculator (um…mom), coupons, whatever your heart desires.  Then it folds up, ties, and fits right in your purse or tote.

So much cute and awesome (this print, by the way, is the same as on my school clipboard and paper…matchy matchy?  of course)!

On my current wish list is the All-in-One Organizer to match my lunch bag, personalized beach towels for the family, a jewelry roll, the aprons, and for SURE the large utility tote for all of our beach gear this summer!

Can you tell I love this stuff?  I haven’t met anyone who has it who doesn’t just LOVE it!

Now you want to go shopping, right?  RIGHT???  I know you do!

All you have to do is click here.  On the right side it will say “my events”.  click that.  Then find me, Katie Sluiter and click “shop my party.”  Then you will have the option to shop…which you SOOO want to do!

I know it sounds like I am begging…and to be honest?  I guess I sort of am.  I’ve only had one person buy and that makes me all sorts of sad.  Not because I am looking to get free stuff (it would be nice, but I am buying what I want regardless), but because I did this because I though so many people would be interested.