the one about the incident with the cat and the bag

It rained today.

During nap, I took to the couch with my book.

But instead of reading I started to think about how much stuff I lug along with me when Eddie and I go somewhere.  And then my mind wandered to how much more  stuff we would  need if we were to have a second child.

And then I started remembering what it was like to be pregnant.

morning (noon and night) sickness
acid reflux
a heating pad
the preggle taking over the bed
uncomfortable lady bits
uncomfortable everything else
someone rocking and rolling while I am trying to get to sleep
the pregnancy “dumbs”

and really the list keeps going.  Do I really want to do this again?

Then I thought about that little guy in the other room who got a hair cut the other day and is suddenly a little boy instead of a baby.

And then I thought about my cat.  His name is Louis.

Which sort of made me think about Lori for a second, if I am honest.  And her cat, Nimbus.

Anyway…I started wondering where the phrase “let the cat out of the bag” came from.

I mean, why in the world did a CAT become symbolic for a secret?  I know they are stealthy and all, but really?  A cat in a bag is anything BUT secretive.

My cat has been in a brown paper bag before.  He was not a fan.  Not at ALL.

So I looked up the origin of the phrase and it turns out back in the day, people would put a cat in a bag instead of a piglet at market and try to sell it as a pig.  If the cat got out of the bag, the gig was up.

This still seems dumb to me.

I can’t even keep my cat in his carrier without him meowing his face off, let alone stick him a bag with no holes.  He would have thrashed about and everyone in a 3 mile radius would know I had a dang cat in the bag.

the cat in the bag...and not happy about it

And guess what.  I have been trying to keep a cat in a bag anyway.  Even though I know full well that it is impossible.

can't keep a cat in a bag forever

As hard as I have tried over the last two and a half weeks, I just couldn’t keep the cat all the way in the bag.  People knew.  It meowed loudly and eventually got a paw out, or his tail, or his nose.

and he's free!

and now?  The cat is completely out of the proverbial bag.

My secret is now out….

I am pregnant.  Six weeks.

Tomorrow (Friday) I have an early ultrasound to make sure this baby is sticking where he/she is supposed to be (I am on progesterone supplements again like I was with Eddie).

And if all goes well…(which we think it is because I constantly want to either puke or sleep…yay for BlogHer!)…coming to Sluiter Nation in March of 2012?

Baby #2.

Oh!  I just thought of another pregnancy symptom…rambly, disconnected thoughts.