I totally wasn’t going to do it.

I’ve been bummed this week that we aren’t pregnant…again.  So I was certainly not going to go back and look at myself all pregnant with Eddie.

And I wasn’t going to look at the pictures that people posted either.  I was bitter at the bumps.

But then my friends started to have babies and announce pregnancies.

And I may have given in and peeked at some baby bumps.

There may have been swooning and melting.

I realized that all these bumps?  Are inspiration!  This is what I want!  I want to be pregnant and all bump-y!

So here I go…linking it up with Shell and her ROCKIN’ THE BUMP Link up! (which reminds me to also rock the vote for some reason…huh).

So come with me down memory lane as we remember what it looked like to grow a new Sluiter….

People?  This is what I look like NOW.  I wish it was because there was a baby in there.

And yes, we started with five months because I just looked fat until then.


five months pregnant
not waving…just telling you I am five months pregnant


Next we have the six month photo…


six months pregnant

getting bigger...which makes my butt look smaller. #win


my hair is about to get awesome…and then horrible…and then awesome again.


seven months pregnant

yes, that is a hair clip holding my shirt tight. and the funny thing? I thought I couldn't get any bigger.


why did my butt look better at 7 months pregnant than it does now?

Sigh…moving on…


eight months pregnant

dear god why did Cort let me do the 8 month shot looking like THIS???


Why yes, I epitomize classy.

And the last month shot…I ROCK those flowers…


nine months pregnant



This is really not the last shot.  I would be remiss if I didn’t give you the shot of me three days away from delivering the boy…..


nine months pregnant bridesmaid

guess what we did before Eddie was born?


Yup.  I was a bridesmaid for my sister-in-law, MacKenzie.

Three days later?  Eddie was here.

It must have been my booty shaking on the dance floor…


dancing at nine months pregnant

notice the lean in Cort had to do.

…or something.

Now go check out more cute bumps.

I will be over here…rubbing my tummy on my computer screen for inspiration…

…or something.