register that

When I was pregnant with Eddie I spent hours asking people about what baby products they loved.  Strollers, pack n plays, swings, bounce seats, bottles, carriers, car seats.  My list of questions was endless.

I researched and compared reviews on web sites.  Polled facebook.  Asked friends with kids.  Took lots and LOTS of notes.

And then Cort and I went to Babies R Us and registered.

I heard horror stories about husbands losing their minds and wives yelling and crying and everyone just being totally overwhelmed.

We did it in record time.

There were no tears and only one bathroom break.

By the end when we were in the changing table pad aisles, we were sick of it, but it didn’t matter because we were done.

And then came the showers.  There may have been quite a few of them.  Ok there may have been six.  What?

Anyway, when I look back at the blog back then (when I had about 2 regular readers and only one commenter…love you missy!), I can remember how our whole world was preparing for Eddie.

It was so exciting!

Fastforward to present day.

I am over halfway through the gestation of my next son, and I haven’t done nearly as much “prepping”.

Part of that is because we have almost everything already.  Another part is that the guesswork is sort of gone.  I haven’t been reading books and checking products because I already know what is happening and what will happen.

That first time excitement is gone.

This past week I realized I wasn’t talking to Charlie liked I talked to Eddie.

Because I am still talking to Eddie.

And I haven’t been planning out a nursery.

Because we have one.  And I am planning out a Big Boy room.

And I am not washing itty bitty clothes.

Because I have no where to put them once they are clean.

We have gotten one new thing just for Charlie–a Detroit Tigers onsie– and it was a gift from an aunt.

I keep telling myself that we just don’t need anything new, but somehow Mom Guilt sets in.

Will this be how it is for him always?  The second boy, always just getting hand-me-downs?

So I did something that some people think is selfish and ridiculous.  I started a baby registry. (UPDATED: I learned about this too, so now I have a wish list for Charlie too.  Thanks, Emily)!

Oh yes I did.

There are only 24 items on the list, and some are for Eddie, but I wanted Charlie to have some new things.  Especially things I didn’t know about when I had Eddie.  Like a miracle blanket and this sleeper that could help with reflux, or just to fit next to the bed in the night (we have VERY limited space in our room).

There are also pants on there because Charlie will be born in March, and while I have a boatload of onsies, Eddie was born in 100 degree June heat.  And had a tendency to sweat and get heat rash.  I am guessing bare legs in a onsie will not be so comfy for wee little Charlie.

There are other things I wish I could register for from places like etsy.  Things I want to try that I didn’t know about when I had Eddie.

For instance I want to try babywearing this time around and would love to get a Moby wrap.

I want to make a conscience effort to not just hand stuff down to Charlie, but to remind him that he is special and unique.

So I registered.

Not because we will be having any showers this time, but because we just cannot afford to go out and buy many new things except diapers and wipes and people want to know what we could use.

What do you think?  Is it selfish and outlandish to register with the second baby?