Bloggers That Make Me Go BOOM! {18}

Happy Saturday!

It’s a hot, humid day ’round here and as you read this, Cort and I are probably sweating our bits and pieces off at a Detroit Tiger baseball game.  Oh yeah.

While the Tigers attempt to get back to 500, you should meet these bloggers from my reader.

1. Buried with Children. Jen is somewhat local to me.  We have “met” at a few blogging conferences already, but haven’t officially spoken.  One day, I crawled out of my stalker hole got up the nerve to comment on her posts rather than just read and a beautiful thing happened.  I found a friend.  I mean, I think I did.  We have a date this week.  I’ll let you know how it goes (although if it is awkward, that will be, well, awkward since she reads this blog.)

2. Erin L. Margolin: the road to my writer roots. Erin is another blogger that came to my life because of my time at The Red Dress Club. Her words astound me every time I read them.  She reaches down past her soul into areas most people don’t dare to go and rips the stories out and displays them for all to see.  She is open and honest and raw.  And she is cute too.

3. Funny or Snot.  Yeah, Poppy has no idea that I read her blog.  I am sure of it. I was an occasional reader until I met her in person at BlogHer.  Then I was a subscriber.  I DIE every time I read her words…either from laughter or heartache.  Usually laughter. I get all excited when I see she has a new post.  And then I set down whatever I am drinking because liquid blown from one’s nose is not good for the laptop’s health.

4. His New Day. It’s always fun when someone I know starts a blog since usually it’s the other way around.  Someone starts a blog, and that is how I meet them.  Amanda graduated from high school with Cort (a year behind me) and married a fellow classmate.  Not only do I love reading about their family, but she frequently writes about God’s greatness…and it is usually timed just when I need to hear it.  Coincidence?  Nope.

5. Hormonal Imbalances. I started reading Diana’s blog when I met her at BlogHer last summer.  She and I met ever-so briefly, but I remember (even in my antenatal depressional state) thinking that I liked her.  And that perhaps I needed to get to know her better.  The weekend flew by and I didn’t get really any time to talk to her.  But I started reading her blog.  And due to recent events, something bigger than us pulled us closer together.  I love Diana’s heart.

So there you go.  Five more bloggers to love on.

Now it’s your turn…what blog should I add to my reader?