Because Comparing is Fun

Today was…exhausting.

I must have lifted and moved 3534759837 boxes and text books and novels in my new classroom.  And I am only about half done with the set up process.

All I can think about is how much I missed my boys today and how I have to do this all over again tomorrow.  And next week. And every week day from now until Thanksgiving break.

I’m not whining; it’s just a big adjustment for my body, soul, mind, and heart.

To cheer myself up, I looked at some pictures of me and Cort when we were the same age as our boys are.

It made me smile through my weariness, so I thought I would share.

Charlie 3 months, Eddie almost 3 years.

Cort around 3 years, his sister MacKenzie around 3 months

my brother Chris around 3 months, me around 3 years

Eddie around 2.5 years old.

me at 2 years old

Cort somewhere around 2 or 3 years old

I don’t have any baby pictures scanned in to do one of each of us compared to Charlie, but I am sure I will find something eventually.

Because comparing is fun, yo.