Project 365 {week 47}

This week started off warm enough for me to ditch my jacket by lunch time.

and it ended with snow and our putting up the Christmas tree.

November 18: The gate goes up after Charlie rolls down the stairs…and I almost have a heart attack.

November 19: Starting the week with dinner for four: loaded potato soup for mom & dad, nuggets, carrots, and fruit for Eddie, and a raisin something blend for Charlie.

November 21: the “zoo parade” invades my personal space.

November 21: This poor baby feels like crap due to teeth coming in.

November 22: Happy Thanksgiving! Also? BINGO! and PIE!

November 23: Deck the halls!

November 24: This guy is feeling tons better…and is hamming it up just like he always does.

As of today, there is only a month until Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but it jumped out of nowhere.

One minute I was all happy and enjoying fall and the next?

BOOM! cold, snow, and seasonal depression.

’tis the season, I suppose.