Project 365 {week 42}

This week flew by.

In fact, I missed most of this week.

But I managed to scrounge up some pictures anyway.

October 14: A day late, but the Bird is 7 months old.

October 15: ER trip for my kidney stones.

October 16: Still feeling like crap.

October 17: Still off work. Chugging water, hoping for the stone to pass.

October 18: I’m all better! And look! Two boys in a tub!

October 19: making me giggle on the daily.

October 20: I host a Graco event at Babies R Us and give away TWO of these bad boys! {BRU gift card giveaway coming soon to this blog! Woot!}

Thursday I went to the doctor and she reviewed my CAT scan I got in the ER.

Doesn’t appear to be anymore stones on deck in there, but I am increasing my water consumption anyway.

I do NOT want to go through THAT ever again.


Did I mention ever?


Project 365 {week 32}

I refuse to look at the calendar and see my time home with the boys vanishing.

So let’s just look at the past week, shall we?

August 5: enjoying some cheesecake ice cream

August 6: waiting for therapy. sigh.

August 7: this is what bath night looks like. CUTE.

August 8: after dinner treats on the deck.

August 9: trapped under sleeping baby with full bladder. Yikes!

August 10: typical afternoon while Eddie naps.

August 11: Flying Yoga!

This week was filled with awesome things that made me smile.

Which I needed.

Thank you.


In case you missed it this week, I wrote about how I chose to formula feed my kids over at Borderless News and Views.

Project 365 {week 31}

Here we go…the week that brought us August…

July 29: The boys are home from camping!

July 30: Charlie’s tear duct appointment. never flinched during eye dilation.

July 31: he built that all on his own!!

August 1: A teething baby.

August 2: Teething baby is happier with new amber necklace.

August 3: Whitecaps game in a suite with Cort’s work = FUN!

August 4: Go Broncos! Annual college friends get together.

 Now it’s a race to enjoy/relax the rest of the summer, while at the same time knowing school is coming.

I am notorious for having anxiety attacks in August, but hopefully this year will be different.

I mean, the summer has been AWESOME so far.

I’d hate to throw a wet blanket on AWESOME.


Want more of my words?

I am at Borderless News and Views with a piece called Olympic Dream

Project 365 {week 29}

This week sort of felt never-ending.

Yet here it is: the end.

You know how I know this week was cray?  I took all my pictures this week with my phone.

I didn’t pick up my DSLR OR my point and shoot.

Cray. Zee.

July 15: grocery shopping with hair in a scarf. Hot weather, yo.

July 16: new phones!

July 17: I actually get dressed up and do my hair for a bridal shower.

July 18: I walked into Charlie’s room to this.

July 19: grocery shopping for our cottage vacation

July 20: Cortney buys me all the things for burns. Also? Best husband ever.

July 21: packing for vacation with 4 people is more work than with 2 people.

so yeah, we are on vacation.

Well, I am with Eddie and Charlie.

Cort is home because he has to work.

It’s not ideal, but at least we had him with us for the weekend.

So no, Sluiter Nation is not empty.

Don’t try to rob us…you’ll just make Cort scream like a girl.


While I am gone, you can read this letter to Daniel Tosh that I wrote.

And on Tuesday, I will have a post on Borderless News and Views about my friend, Mark, and his partner’s immigration situation. So read that too.

Project 365 {week 28}

This week was hot.

That is the only way to say it.

July 8: Gender Reveal party for our nephew or niece…can you tell what our guess was?

July 9: after dinner cool down

July 10: Both boys nap at the same time, so I get to do this.

July 11: cake pop after a fun playdate with bloggy friends.

*July 12: new obsession…feet!

July 13: picture day for the boys! (Charlie 4 months, Eddie 3 years)

July 14: HUGE pool party for a friend’s birthday = exhausted little swimmer.

This heat wave doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, so we will be trying to stay cool again this week.

I mean, when the weather dudes tell you 87 is “pleasant”, you know it’s been hot.

I might be nervous about our cottage “vacation” next week…no AC.

Save me.


Oh…wait…look at these previews I got of our photoshoot with mL photography


Project 365 {week 26}

Did I just type “Week 26”?

Dang.  That is halfway through the year.


I mean really.  Wasn’t I just starting this little weekly post?


Time moves too fast.  As cliche as it is, it is so true.

So. The week that was…

June 24: Eddie’s Birthday Party Day

June 25: This kid is working on his rolling. Soon. SOON.

June 26: a 3 month old and a 3 year old

June 27: See? SO CLOSE!

June 28: According to Eddie?  These are our Train Hats

June 29: Mini Beach Day turns into Mini Pool Day.

June 30: at the annual Pig Roast in memory of Cort’s dad with a bestie.

And that takes us to the end of June…

and into the second half of 2012.



Hey.  Guess what.

This blog turns FIVE on Saturday, July 7.

And guess what I am doing to celebrate?


Just hop over to the Sponsor Page starting at 9am est today when I will be running FIFTEEN giveaways over three days!


That’s right.

Help me celebrate.

You know you want to.

Get ready for…


Project 365 {week 24}

To any dad’s that read this blog…HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

I’m pretty sure there are no celebrities trying to get you to give up your day, so YAY for you!

And a big Happy Father’s Day to Cort: the dad of this Nation.

Before you run out and celebrate all the dads, here is a look at our past week…

June 10: baby snuggles

June 11: We make strawberry ice cream in the new ice cream machine. YUM!

June 12: Zoo Day…feeding giraffes, what?

June 13: This guy turns 3 months old.

June 14: Between potty training and diaper blow outs, this look reflects how I feel.

June 15: I get out for a night of scrapbooking and girl talk…and red vines. mmm!

June 16: As an early anniversary gift to ourselves…Tigers Game!

This week Eddie had no daycare, so it was me and both boys every single day.

And we rocked it.

It was busy though, so no DSLR all week.

We were seriously that busy having adventures:

ice cream making, the zoo, the farmer’s market, reading books, playing trains

And there was the potty training.


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