we’ll try again tomorrow

He woke up crying for daddy.

When he saw me, he laid back down saying, “oh no”.

We fought about breakfast.

Pancakes or waffles?

Banana on the floor after begging for it.

He watched far too much TV and had no interest in the games or play I was offering.

He was in time out 5 times before 10am due to toy throwing and hitting ma ma.

I insisted we leave the house.  We could do a drop off at Goodwill, get daddy his Father’s Day gift, stop at the pharmacy, and pick up cat food.

He threw a fit because I wouldn’t let him have the stuff animals at the mall.

He laid on the floor and screamed when we had to leave the play place.

I was a sweaty beast after chasing him around a department store.

He screamed as I buckled him in to go home.

I gave up the plan after the first two stops and went through Starbucks as I fought back tears.

He smiled sweetly at the drive thru barista chirping, “te too” (thank you).  Faker.

He went straight for PBS when we got home.  Took his juice, Lamby, and pipey and sat his butt on the couch.

What kind of mom am I?

We fought over lunch.

He ate fruit and pushed all the ravioli aside.

He refused milk.

He hugged daddy at lunch like he hadn’t seen him in MONTHS.

Going down for nap was a breeze.  Daddy was home.

Nap was short.  Yelling for daddy commenced less than two hours after being put down.

More disappointment when it was not daddy who got him up.

He wanted TV and a snack.

I was determined to do something.

We made butter cookies.

10 minutes of lovely mother-son time.

Daddy came home and took the toddler out of the house for cat food and dinner.

Ma ma cried a bit.

Dinner was a battle.

The time between dinner and bedtime was a battle.

At least three more time outs and one FIRM talking to about hitting.

And then it was bedtime.

He curled up on my lap and handed me Green Eggs and Ham.

As I read, he placed a small hand on the book and looked up in my eyes.

Ma ma.

He spoke his name for me so softly.  And then?  Behind the blue and red pipey?  A sleepy smile spread across his face.

Eddie Bear.

I whispered my name for him.

His head found the soft spot between my arm and my chest.  One hand on Lamby, the other on my wrist and I propped the book back up and continued.

I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam I Am.

He breathed heavily.

The book was over.  He pointed for his bed and turned to my face.

And we both smiled.


I love you.

Tomorrow is a new day.