a tour

Hey readers and friends…most of you have noticed that things look all new and sparkly around here this week.  The lovely Courtney of GCS Design has worked her magic yet again and turned all of my rambly disconnected ideas into something WAY cooler and better than I could ever come up with.

She not only made me all new pretties here on the main blog, but she made all my subdomains match too.

Want to read about the books that I have read? I have a page for that. It’s got a separate feed, so if you want to get it in your inbox, feel free to head over there and subscribe.  And now that I have my page all set up, I can start posting there again!  Yay!

I also do reviews, sponsored posts, and giveaways over on this page.  Sometimes the posts are sponsored by someone else, sometimes I write up stuff that I have tried just so you know how it went.  Feel free to subscribe to that page too since it’s separate from this feed. (psst. If you would like your shop or blog button advertised there, shoot me an email and we will work something out.)

My About Page is also updated to encompass all that this blog is meant to be…a legacy for my children.

Can you believe I’ve been pounding out stories and opinions on this blog for over five and a half years?  Yeah, me either.  But I have no plans to quit.

Yes, I go through bloggy down time where I need to close into myself and not share.  The posts get sparse (this week was only 3, including this one and a sponsored one…one REAL post).  Sometimes I get busy with life.

But that is Ok.  I mean, why have a blog if I am not living my life? If I don’t DO LIFE, I will have nothing to write about, right?


I’m still writing once a week over at Borderless News & Views.  This week I had a post about homeschooling go up there.

I write monthly for US BabyHuddle.  Last month I had a post about trying to keep my kids from getting a case of the Gimmees at Christmas time.

I also have a freelance writing gig a few times a month.

It’s a lot, but I am enjoying it all very much.  I am sort of in my happy place with blogging/writing right now.  I would love to add more, but with working full time as a teacher, maybe a ton more will have to wait until summer.  Or for the right offer…?

I don’t know.  And I am enjoying not knowing.

Every day is new…filled with new stories to tell.

I hope you like the look of the new space.

And thank you for being such faithful readers.  You have no idea how much I love it.