casey and mozzi lovin’.

The internet gives me many things on the daily.

At work it gives me my gradebook, my attendance site, and resources for fun projects to do for my Spanish classes.

It provides me with email to connect with teachers, parents, and friends.

It gives me facebook to connect with friends and family.

It gives me my blog to pound out my thoughts and feelings and network with others moms like me.

It gives me The Twitter.

In the past year, the internet has gifted me with something I would have never imagined.  If you had told me 18 months ago that some of my closest friends would be people I mostly only talk to using my laptop?  I would have laughed at you.

In my mind, people who are “friends” with personalities in their computer?  Are lonely nerds.  They sit alone in their dark basements and type away creating a fake persona for themselves and making “friends” with other people’s created personae.

And then I met Casey.

First I read her blog because my friend, Emily (who I already knew in real life), directed me there.  I fell in love hard with Casey’s writing.  I laughed, I sobbed, I related–for the good and the bad.  I even learned new things.

And then I got to meet her in real life!

Sarah (Ordinary Sarah), Emily (DesignHerMomma), Casey and me.

Somewhere in those few hours between meeting and her spraying make-up on my face, we became friends.

Like real friends.

Even though Casey has been through more than I could possibly bear myself, she has always extended her virtual arms to me when I am hurting.

Even through her emails and blog comments,  I feel as though she is leaning in close and whispering her offerings of support to me.

Or throwing her head back and laughing loudly at the joke.

Even when she is sad, her love for her friends and family is so genuine and apparent.

She is quite possibly one of the kindest, most loving people I have ever met in this world.

And it’s all thanks to the internet.

When she whispered an email to me that she was expecting, tears streamed down my face for a friend I had only hugged once, but who I had lifted up in prayers countless times.

When Emily asked me to be a part of showering Casey, I almost jumped from my computer with excitement.

Did you know SUNDAY is her due date??  It’s true!  Mozzi (the name she is calling her little girl until she meets her) is due in only TWO DAYS!

To celebrate her, Sluiter Nation has sent her these from The Sunshine Stitch:


And this (well, not THIS guy, but a cute girly sister of his) from Sew Whimsy Creations:

But wait!  It doesn’t stop there!  Casey actually celebrated her birthday yesterday, and Sluiter Nation was NOT about to let that go unrecognized!

Rumor has it that she really loves Kilwins, so I made a little trip to lovely downtown and bought her a treat.  It’s on its way as I type (because I am not at all quick at getting things to the post office…good thing I don’t have my own shop)!

I cannot WAIT to meet Mozzi in person (I may have ONE more thing for her, but that is a secret), and hope to make the trip to Indy again this summer.  If all else fails, I will hunt her down at BlogHer and steal her baby.

Wait.  What?  No.


Hopefully this time next year Casey will take Mozzi AND Moosh up to Holland for some tulip fun.  I’ll even treat Mozzie to her first pair of wooden shoes.

Happy baby and happy birthday, my lovely friend.

You are loved.