Top Ten Tuesday: Movie Madness

Recently Sluiter Nation joined the rest of the world in the 21st century and subscribed to NetFlix.  The service is available through our Wii, and so we decided it was just too easy not to get it.  No mailing things or dropping anything off.  Just a click of the wii-mote and we have TV series and movies and documentaries right there in our living room.

Friday and/or Saturday nights are now popular popcorn and movie nights at our house.  I can’t say we’ve chosen the best things (Cort is a little famous for watching boring documentaries or stupid obscure movies just because an actor he likes is in it.  Never mind the two stars it received.), but we have watched some new things.

But this post isn’t really about new things.  It’s more about old favorites.  The movies that are on my TOP TEN list of favorites.  Movies that if I catch them on TV?  It’s all over.  I will watch them until they are done–even if that is 2:00am on a random Wednesday night.

10. When Harry Met Sally

I am not usually a big “chick flick” fan, but this movie is funny and sweet and did I mention funny?  I love Meg Ryan.

9. The Breakfast Club-

Shut up.  John Hughes is a genius.  I could really just list his movies here and be done, but this is by FAR my favorite of all of them.

8. Apollo 13 –

I can’t NOT watch this movie when it’s on.  For some reason I am totally addicted to it.  I like the Grandma the best.  You know, the lady who plays Tom Hank’s mom.  “Are you afraid?  Don’t be.  My Jimmy could land a washing machine on the moon if it could fly.”  Love it.

7. The Godfather movies (1 & 2 specifically)-

I could watch mafia movies all day and all night, but these are my favorite.  The first one is clearly a classic (“Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” and “Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday…”) but I LOVE the flashbacks of the second one…the way we get the story of Don Corleone and of course how different Michael is now that he is the Don (“I don’t feel like I have to wipe out everybody, Tom.  Just my enemies.”) .

6. The Big Lebowski –

This movie comes in second as the movie I could watch on repeat for the rest of my life.  I love it that much.  Pretty much anything in life can be responded to with a quote from The Dude, however most are not for my mom’s eyes, so I can’t quote them here.

5. Anchorman –

This movie is hilarious.  Totally dumb, but hilarious.  Again, the quotes from this one are endless, but probably not appropriate for my mother…or Cort’s grandmother…to read.  When I am sad or down or just feeling blah, The Legend of Ron Burgundy will make me smile.

4. Pulp Fiction-

Of all the Tarantino flicks, this one is by far my favorite.  I first saw it when it came out on video when I was in high school. Everything about it was interesting to me.  The non-linear structure, the various stories all going on at once, the swearing.  Oh the swearing.  I felt like this movie made me realize that there was more out there than just Disney and Tom Hanks.

3. Dazed and Confused-

The last summer that I lived at home when I was in college, I watched this movie EVERY DAY.  My parents didn’t have cable and the TV reception in my bedroom was terrible, so every day that I got home from work, I would collapse into bed and watch the coolest version of the 1970’s that I knew.

2. Forrest Gump-

Do I really need to say why this is awesome?  I mean, does anyone (other than Cort) pass this up when it’s on TV?  No, I didn’t think so.

1. The Back to The Future Trilogy-

Choosing one is impossible.  They are one fantastic adventure.  I don’t know how else to prove to you my love of all things B to the F other than with this short story:

My parents took my brothers, Cort, and me to Detroit to see a Tigers ball game.  My dad rented a van so we could all ride together for the 3 hour ride there and back.  As we were pulling out of the driveway, Cort notices the van has a DVD player.  He immediately regretted pointing out that fact.

My brothers and I yelled, “B to the F!” (Why yes, we are all adults.  Why do you ask?)

We watched Part I and half of Part II on our way to the game and the end of Part II and all of Part III on our way home.  Reciting every. single. line. verbatim.

My dad chuckled.  My mom read her book.  Cort died a little.

So what are YOUR favorite movies of all time?  What could you loaf out on the couch and watch hours and hours of?

**Please note that due to the demands on my time with work and my leadership involvement at The Red Dress Club, after next week, my Top Ten Tuesday meme will put on hiatus until summer–when I get my life back a better handle on my schedule.**

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