6 months of Bird

Dear Charlie,

Yesterday you turned 6months old.

Unlike every other month milestone, I wasn’t home with you all day to stare and marvel at you.  Normally I would look at you all day and wonder how another month had flown by.

Instead, today while driving to work at 6:45am, I thought back to the day we brought you home from the hospital. Friday, March 16.

For months before you were born I was worried about my maternity leave.  My 12 weeks off would take me right up to summer break which means I would be home for 24 weeks before having to go back to work.

Almost 6 months.

I was terrified that it would be too much for me.  That you would be too much.  That your brother would be too much.  That I wasn’t cut out to be the one home with you so much for so long.

But the day we took you home, all those worries vanished.

I had you for 6 months!  Our slow way of counting time in hours…even minutes…was long and stretching before us.  It seemed endless.

I couldn’t even imagine our summer together ending.  I worried that Eddie being home for the summer starting in June would make things harder than they had to be.  But I was wrong.

We easily slipped into a new routine that included all three of us.

And then it did end.

All that time that seemed endless…well…ended.

Today I didn’t spend the day staring at you; instead I spent the day worrying about other people’s kids.  But when I arrived at daycare to get you, your scrunched up, half-asleep face broke out into a huge grin when you saw me.

That smile is worth everything, Charlie.

I can’t believe how much you have learned in the last month.

You are sitting.  You are not  totally stable, but you can do it.

You are clapping.

While on your tummy, you will spot something you want and roll or wiggle yourself on your tummy to try to get to it.  You reach and reach and REACH for things.

But you won’t do any of these things just for us because we want you to.  No way. You are stubborn and on your own schedule.

I am convinced you could sit on your own for weeks before you would actually do it.

And now that you have discovered it, you act like being laid down on your back is SOOO beneath you.

Oh Charlie.

We busted out the “solid” foods: bananas and sweet potatoes are favorites while apples get the side eye.  Although you dig carrots, peas get the scrunched up “yuck” face.

Monday is your 6-month well child appointment, but I am guessing you will weigh in close to 20 pounds.  All of your fine, bird-like features have plumped up considerably.

Like your brother did at your age, you have discovered that you can roll on your tummy at night and sleep.  So you do.  We find you on your belly all the time when you wake up.  But unlike your brother, you almost always wake up so happy.  We listen to you “talking” and cooing for probably 20 minutes before you start to get lonely and cry out a little.  But the minute we show up? All smiles.

Your love for your brother is starting to shine through in a bright way.

You now see him more than you see me or daddy and it’s clear you are quite fond of Eddie.  When he is around, you are craning your neck trying to see what he is doing.  If he is close to you, you are reaching and grabbing to touch him.  When he talks to you, you smile.  When he blows raspberries on your tummy or lightly wrestles you, you squeal out in delight.  Nobody has the ability to instantly make you happy the way your brother does.

He is the only person you consistently reach for when he is near.

Charlie, I have experience with a baby, I do not have experience with siblings.  You are showing me a love I didn’t know my heart could embrace.  Watching you and Eddie form a bond is one of the most overwhelmingly wonderful feelings I have ever had.

I can tell already though, that even with the immense love you have for each other, you are already figuring out how to push his buttons.  Your brother is a wee bit dramatic, and you find it hilarious. Already.

I keep waiting for you to no longer want to be in the moby wrap or cuddled/held so much, but your love of being in a pair of loving, soft arms is as strong as ever.

Just last night as you were falling asleep, you suddenly opened your eyes wide, gave a smirk behind your pipey when we made eye contact, and turned your face into my chest and went right back to sleep.

Oh my Charlie.

You’ve been part of our home for 6 months, but you have clearly been part of our family forever.  You are a piece of the puzzle that is Sluiter Nation that we didn’t know was missing until you arrived and filled that space.

I am so very proud of you.

And I love you so very much.




As usual…the comparison:  6 months

This picture is SO representative of their different personalities!


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