All Done

Jumping Jehoshaphat!  It’s Wednesday again!  Look at that!  Time for another Sluiter Nation Recruit!

This week’s Recruit is Jo from Minnesota Joy.

I met Jo via twitter when I was going through some bad stuff with PPD. Jo has been a constant stream of support and love ever since we got to chatting.

She can be absent from twitter for days and if I post that I am struggling it’s like her spidey senses go off and I get a direct message or tweet from her to hold on and that I am doing a good job.

She has four beautiful children, a great husband, and a big heart.

While she has helped me celebrate the joy of this new pregnancy, she is “all done.”

I love her and so will you.


I’m watching Harper play on the hard wood floor. She bangs two blocks together and laughs. She dances to the music from Sunday Night Football, her little behind so cute bouncing around in her pink footie pajamas. Then she reaches for me with her little chubby hands, saying “Mamamamamama” and looking at me intently, daring me to resist her sweetness. (I can’t.) She took three independent steps today so it is only a matter of time until her tentative movements become more confident and she is running all over the place. I love this age, still a baby and needing me so much but also brave and trying new things every day. We are still breastfeeding with no signs of stopping (yet). I love looking at her soft little cheeks and tickling her gently to make her giggle while she’s nursing. Sometimes she lets go just to smile at me, but mostly she smiles with her eyes but still continues on eating. Right now she’s sleeping on my lap and soon will be carried up to my bed, where she will snuggle into my side all night long.

I love this girl.

Jamie is in bed now. He was sick the last few days. I hate when he’s sick and that spark is missing from his eyes. I get lots of snuggles (which is nice) and his cheeks turn pink as if he’s been out in the cold. He finally started feeling better this evening so he was bouncing off the walls, pretty much using up every ounce of patience I have and then some. I looked at his hair when he was preparing for bed and mentioned that he needed a hair cut. His blond curls are so long but I can’t really bear to cut them off yet. As soon as he heard me say haircut, he announced that we needed to go right now so that he could get a BLUE sucker. He was very insistent that it be blue. He will be three at the end of the month and is now completely day time potty trained. He makes my heart happy.

I love that boy.

Katy is next to me on the couch, eating a bowl of spaghetti and pretending not to watch me type. She wants to talk to me, I can tell. Katy is my impatient one and would not have a thing to say if I were not busy. She’s the one that has to talk to me whenever I am on the phone and the one that would follow me into the bathroom if I let her. We are working on this. As much as I get frustrated by how much she still needs me at twelve years old, I secretly love it too. For such a long time she was my baby and it’s hard for both of us to let that feeling go. Classic middle child, that’s my Katy. So helpful and so emotional and so very kind-hearted. She would literally do anything to make you happy and her smile lights up a room.

I love this girl.

Laura is with her dad now and I miss her already. She’s the piece of my heart that is away from me all week long. I live for Fridays when I know she’s coming home again and dread Sundays when I know she’ll be leaving. She’s so smart and so beautiful and so very funny. She loves her friends but comes to my house willingly, even though it means missing sleepovers and seeing Breaking Dawn with her friends. She always chooses family first and rarely complains. I live for summer when she’s here for a week at a time and I can pretend she never has to leave. She’s sixteen and will have her license soon and I just cannot believe that so much time has passed already. I still see her with skinned knees and a dimpled grin.

I love that girl.

I was 23 when I had my first baby. I will be about 57 years old before my last child has left for college. That means I will have ‘actively’ been a mother for 34 years by the time my last child turns 18.

During this Thanksgiving season, I am reminded again of how truly blessed I am. I have four absolutely amazing children and a husband that ‘gets me’ most of the time. I could never have imagined this life but I wouldn’t trade it for anything…well, except for the exact same life with a bit more money. *grin*

People ask us if we are “all done” having kids. My answer is always an emphatic YES…with exclamation points, all caps and bold font if necessary. (Funny though, people still don’t believe me.) I love my babies with all of my heart but I figure that 34 years of having kids in the house is plenty. I am a miserable pregnant woman with excessive not-just-morning-but-all-day sickness. Pregnancy is hard on my body and my mind. I spent more than three years of my life being pregnant and nearly all of that feeling down right wretched. I love babies and I love birth but I do NOT love being pregnant.

I see people announcing pregnancies online almost every day and I am absolutely thrilled for them. But me? I am all done.

Oh, and here is some pink footie pajama dancing for your enjoyment. 😉


Jo is a wife and mama of four from southeastern Minnesota. She’s slightly addicted to Twitter and is passionate about educating people about mood-disorders, especially PPD and anxiety. She thinks that stigma sucks and refuses allow it to be a part of her existence. Some might think she’s a tree-hugger, but she doesn’t hug ’em all – just the ones that make sense to her. She is a breastfeeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping mama who works outside of the home but also thinks you should do what is best for your family. You can find her on Twitter at  or on her blog.