Winter Fun at Riemersma Acres…

This past Saturday, while Chris had to work, my mom and dad and Mike and Ashley and I decided to entertain Jack with some good old fashioned winter fun. My dad started it when he decided to build Jack a snowman…a VERY LARGE snowman!

Dad rolled the first ball, which got Jack to thinking he could roll the second. hmmm…that first one is bigger than Jack!
Dad decided to help him out a bit with the rolling.

As dad completed the stacking, he noticed that Jack (that would be the small red jacket WAY in the distance of the pic) was nowhere to be found. Apparently Mike and Ashley on Ice was more entertaining that Grandpa with the Big Snowman.
Mom was determined to see the snowman complete, so she outfitted him with some swell winter duds. Check out that snazzy red scarf!
After the snowman fun, we went to find Jack. He was, indeed, by the fun on the ice…just munching away on some snow. Don’t worry…I warned him about yellow snow.
I am sure it was NOT me who taught Jack to chuck his snow at Grandma!
I mean, my mom and dad were having their own snowball fight! Get him, mom!
In the meantime, Mike decided to show Jack the ropes of ice skating.

Ashley even showed off her skills at shooting some puck!
Mike even showed Jack where NOT to skate. Yeah, he’s a responsible uncle.
Aren’t they cute…Mike in his hockey skates and Jack in his Spider Man boots!

Mom and I couldn’t go in the house without getting a quick pose by our friend the snowman. Mom looks cute, but why, oh why am I standing like I am already 9 months pregnant. Good grief!
The snowman artists…aren’t they so cute! I am trying to convince them to use this as their Christmas card next year…I think they need some encouragement, so feel free to tell them how much you want to see this come through the mail next Christmas so you can post it on your fridge!
Saturday reminded me of how cool it was to grow up in a house where I could ice skate, sled, cross country ski, make a snowman or a snow angel, or have a snowball fight all without having to leave home! And of course, mom still serves up hot chocolate complete with a candy cane!

What to do in a Winter Wonderland….

Friday, while I was in school, it started to snow. A lot. It snowed and snowed and snowed. By the time I got home, Cortney was already outside trying to shovel some of the mounds of snow away from the garage. And of course, as the snow fell in piles, we had plans to drive back out to Wyoming for the school play, Pinocchio. A fleeting thought of aborting the plan crossed my mind, but I knew it meant a lot to my students, so Cort and I sucked it up, and head out.

We were NOT disappointed! The sold out show was amazing! Wyoming Park is creating quite a tradition of putting on outstanding shows, and this one was not out of step with that tradition. In the program was a list of the people who donated. This year they listed us as “Senora Sluiter and Sluiter Nation.” Ha ha! That was pretty fun! The show was just as funny. There were lots of kids in the audience and they sat captivated as the story of Pinocchio unfolded. As we stood for the ovation, a big old tear of pride flowed down my cheek. Dang…when did I become so sappy?

By the time we got home Friday night, we had about a million inches of snow (ok, maybe that is an exaggeration, but we DID get a bunch of snow)! Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of the snow blower running outside. I can’t say I love that sound…not because I don’t love to get OUT of the driveway, but because I don’t love the snow. Brrrrr.

Once the snow was cleared out, Cortney and I headed out to finish up our shopping. We are so close to being done…it’s such a great feeling! We visited both the Holland mall and the Grandville mall. Definitely fewer people in Holland.

Lucky for us we were also able meet the Visels for a movie and dinner since they were in Grandville shopping too! Small world! Also lucky for us, the bad weather seemed to detract the masses from the movies and the deliciousness that is the Olive Garden, so we didn’t have much of a wait either place. It was lots of fun to be on a “double date!”

Today, I decided to wrap all that we bought. Oh my. After more than four rolls of wrapping paper, I finally emerged from the pile only to go out and buy a few more things that I just did NOT have the strength to wrap anymore today.

I also finished making all of our Christmas cards today. There they are drying on the kitchen table. This evening, when they were finally dry, I stuffed all the envelopes. Who knew Christmas was so much WORK!?!
Cortney kept busy today too. He thought the birds were probably hungry, so he shoveled a path to get to the feeder and fill it. Those dang birds better appreciate it!

What a busy weekend! We got everything done we aimed to do, no thanks to any help from Louis! However, I think Louis had the better idea of just curling up on a soft blanket and snoozing the cold, snowy weather away.

Why, Oh Why?

According to the calendar, winter doesn’t officially start for another month, but Michigan really doesn’t play by the season rules. So, in typical fashion, we got a pile of snow today.

When I left the house at 6:45 this morning, our lawn was pretty covered. When I arrived at school in Wyoming by 7:20, there was zero snow. Yup, this is the story of my life. Holland/Zeeland gets hit and Grand Rapids/Wyoming gets two flakes. This is why, when all of the Zeeland Public and West Ottawa Public School kids get to stay nestled in their beds because we got a foot of snow, I pull on my boots and my big jacket, and plow my little cavalier through the drifts.

Today reminded me that it is all starting again and probably won’t be over until March or April. So, with a big sigh, I busted out my hat and scarf and thanked goodness that at least I don’t live in North Dakota (miss you, Erin and Brad)!

A Stormy Summer

We have had quite a stormy summer! For almost all of them I have been either sleeping or in my car or camping…I am never just at home. Today, as I was dead-heading and watering the petunias on the deck, I noticed it getting darker and darker. This was the scene from the deck.
The storm was rolling in pretty quickly, so I went out front. South of us it looks pretty clear!
But not so much north of us!
Now I am sitting comfortably in the house while it rains–watering the flowers I JUST watered. Oh well…at least I got my beach towel in the house before it got wet!

Blowing in from the West

On Thursday night I received and email from Erin Busscher-Eik telling me that they were getting a spring treat in North Dakota: a pile of snow. Then I turned on the news and heard that we were the next target for that storm. And sure enough, after lunch on Friday the snow started to fall…and it didn’t stop until sometime in the middle of the night. We went from zero to about 6 inches. Not cool. Not cool at all. Lucky for us it’s about 42 degrees out today and it’s all starting to melt. Next time, KEEP YER SNOW, NORTH DAKOTA!!!

We Got A Little Snow…

This past week, as I lay suffering from strep throat, we got a little snow.

They say it is going to stop, but apparently that does not apply to us here on the lake shore. If we get anymore, I think our mailbox and grill will disappear completly!