that was my mind being blown

In the words of our good friend, Quincy (of Little Einsteins fame):


Let me back up.

I have been having a no good, very bad week.

My depression was taking over at the beginning of the week.  I combated it by writing about it, getting lots of love from you all, and then getting over myself by doing something for someone else.

Then I got the bad news that my cat was not doing well.  He has been diagnosed with kidney failure.  I can’t blog about that right now, but he is almost 17 and I have had him for more than half my life.

I just had a cloud over my head.

When that happens…clouds and falling into depression holes?  I start to doubt myself.  BIG TIME.

I start wondering if what I am doing here in this little corner of the blogasphere is just a bunch of whining.

And then…it was like the heaven’s opened and angels sang.

There, sitting in my inbox was an email from BlogHer telling me they would like to syndicate one of my posts.

I know you all tell me I’m good.

Cort tells me I am a lovely writer.

My MOM tells me she loves my writing.

But according to Cort, I do NOT give myself enough credit.

So yes, I was still shocked.

They are syndicating “She Taught Him to Dance” today.

It would mean so much to me if you would jog over there and sparkle my world…and drop me a line.

I was syndicated on

WAIT!  if this wasn’t enough to leave me with a dumb, goofy smile on my face for a week?  BlogHer randomly emailed me yesterday after my post for The Red Dress Club was put up and asked if they could use it tomorrow for Valentine’s Day.

People?  I almost fell out of my chair.

Don’t worry.  I will remind you again tomorrow.  But people?  From what I have heard?  BlogHer doesn’t just FIND you and ask for your posts.

I may have peed a little bit. (do you hear that Rita and Melissa?  You made me pee!)


Today I also wanted to let you in on a little change in operations here at Sluiter Nation.

Starting tomorrow I will no longer be participating in McFatty Mondays.

I just don’t feel like it’s my thing.  If you love it, please, PLEASE go read Blair and Miranda.  They are awesome and honest and so good at writing about it.

That doesn’t mean I am quitting my goal to lose the weight.  I am still participating in Healthy Train, and I am still striving to make better choices.  I am just not going to commit a whole day of blogging to it.

Instead Mondays are going to be my day to put up my post for The Red Dress Club Memoir prompt.  The link up is on Tuesdays, but I want to continue Top Ten Tuesdays because it’s just fun…at least for me it is.

Speaking of Top Ten Tuesdays…this week is my Top Ten Wears.  Yes, I have pictures of my most worn things in my closet.  Look out.

So to recap:

I’m at BlogHer today.

I’m at BlogHer tomorrow.

I have fallen off my chair.

No more McFatty.

Doing Memoirs.

Top Ten Tuesday = stuff I wear.


McFatty…er McHottie Pants…Monday

Last week a few of you expressed concern that by calling myself a McFatty, I was being too down on myself.  I will have to direct you to the lovely Heir to Blair for the name of this lovely meme.  It is her creation.  I don’t really think of it as CALLINNG myself a McFatty necessarily, but talking about McFatty-ish issues.

That being said, I have lost another pound!  Woot!  I am now at 195 which is ELEVEN pounds down from the beginning of the year when I was 206 (ouch, holiday food.  just ouch).  That means I have lost 5.34% of my body weight.  Yay!

I have to say I am a bit surprised.

This week we had two snow days, which for me equals sitting around eating cheese balls all day.  We also had Taco Bell one night (yes, I know…not real meat.  I can’t help it, it’s yummy fake meat).

And the biggest cause of bloat?  It’s Lady Week here in Sluiter Nation.

But I still managed to be down a pound.

Besides the cheese balls and taco bell, I have been drinking WAY more water and been WAY better about my portion size.  So even though there was junk in the week, it was controlled junk.  Which is a step, right?  RIGHT?

I’ve also done a couple sit-ups this week.  Just a couple.  To remind myself how much I hate sit-ups.  I don’t think those helped the weight-loss…they just reminded me of how out of shape I am.

I am getting excited about exercise though!  I talked with my aunt this weekend about a gym Cort and I have been talking about joining.  It’s only $30 for one person and then $15 more for an extra member of the family.  So for $45 a month BOTH of us would have access to some great, clean equipment and a pool and classes (for just a bit extra) at a location that is only about an 8 minute drive away.

This is now on my wish list for this spring…a gym membership!

So there you go.  This week I will continue to try to make good choices with my portion control and my meal-planning, and continue my quest to be the McHottie that I know I am!

Wish me luck!

**Tomorrow’s Top Ten Tuesday will be the Top Ten Things I Could Do Without.  Join in!

McFatty Monday

Here we are again.  Monday.

Last week I skipped McFatty in lieu of doing For the Love…Of Blogging.

No more skipping.  I’m back to laying it out there for you all.

This week I weighed in at 196.5–two pounds lighter than two weeks ago!  Yay!

I’m still struggling with this journey, to be honest with you.

Last week in my therapy session, I admitted that I knew I would feel better–healthier–if I could find time to exercise.  I miss going to the gym.

Before I got pregnant with Eddie in 2008, I was going to the gym regularly and eating much healthier meals.  I was losing weight and feeling really good about myself.

While pregnant with Eddie, I continued to work out and eat great.

Since starting this weight battle again, my eating habits have improved.  A typical day for me looks like this:

Breakfast: cereal with 2% milk and coffee

Lunch: a fruit, a cheese stick, a fiber one bar, water, and some sort of healthy meal (usually leftovers from dinner).

Afternoon: a diet coke or coffee

Dinner: a protein, a small portion of carbs, and a veggie (sometimes fruit too), and water

I have stopped eating snacks in the evening opting for more water.  I have also been being better about taking my multivitamin, my calcium, and my vitamin D sup.

But I can’t find time to move my booty.

So I asked my therapist if she thought I should give up the hour I spend blogging and writing each evening after Eddie goes to bed, and instead spend it on the treadmill.

She told me, “absolutely not.”

Her reasoning is that being here, on the blog, is the way I verbalize…it’s the way I work through my thoughts when I am not in her office.

It’s important to my MENTAL health.

We agreed that until my schedule allows me to do both blogging and exercising, blogging needs to be a priority–especially since I am eating and sleeping better (which is obviously having a positive effect already).

That doesn’t mean that I won’t still be looking for room in my schedule to occasionally walk or run or do yoga, but I am not allowed to stress out about not doing it.

As long as I am making good choices, the rest will follow.  Exercise will come when my schedule opens up.

You all can hold me to that.

Tomorrow’s Top Ten Tuesday will be my Top Ten Causes that I Support.  I hope you will join in and share the causes you believe in too.  Plus?  We have a snazzy new button!  Yay!

McFatty…trying again…again.

I feel like every dang time I am here I am either reporting weight gain or back to square one and starting over.


For each of you who commented that last week’s five pound weight gain was the fault of the Evil Lady Week?  I think you were right.

This morning the scale was at 197.  That is six pounds down from last week.  So the Evil Lady Week bloat minus a pound is gone.

The loss of a pound I attribute to being sick this week.

So, that puts us back to 198.  Which is where I was when I started this thing originally.  Again.

I am still cooking healthy meals and taking healthy lunches.

I have committed to chugging as much darn water as possible.  So far it’s not NEARLY as much as I would like, but I am building.  My goal is to cut out soda almost completely.  Even though I drink diet coke, it still causes unneeded bloat.  And it MAY not be that good for me.

Now that my doc has given me Ambien, I am set on getting good sleep so I can find the energy to exercise 3 times a week.  As many of you commented on this post, a good way to kick some of the depression is to MOVE MY BOOTY.  I totally agree.  Time is definitely a factor, but because Cort and I both get in free to the Ford Field House in GR, we are going to try to get there on my days off.  Other than that I am yet again RE-COMMITTING to using that treadmill in the basement.

no, really.


quit laughing.


So, let’s recap:

  • continue healthy eating (please ignore the chalupa I had tonight)
  • more water
  • better/more sleep
  • more butt moving and less butt sitting.

My first weigh in for Healthy Train is Feb 4.  That is only 3 weeks away.  I really want to have SOMETHING significant lost…even if it just means that I am not constantly swinging back to fricking 198.

Here we go…again.

Back on the McFatty Wagon

Well, first Monday of 2011.  Here we are.

I promised that I would start back up on McFatty since the reasons I quit doing it are all gone.

My evenings are not stressy anymore (or shouldn’t be).  I let go of teaching at the community college for this semester since it was driving my anxiety levels sky-high.  Plus, Cortney will be gone four nights a week for class/bowling, and this way I will be home each evening with Eddie.

That being said, I can make better meals for us.

So for this week’s McFatty I am giving you some facts and goals.

Fact: I am back up to my original weight of 198 from before I started McFatty the first time.  (Thank you cream cheese-based dips and sugary treats over Christmas break).

Fact:  BOTH medications I take are anti-weight loss.  Awesome.  I’m not pregnant or depressed, but I AM fat.

Fact: We own a treadmill but I can’t remember the last time I was on it.

Fact:  I do not have to work in the evenings anymore, but Cort won’t be home three of the four nights for dinner.

That is what I have to work with this semester.

With that said, here are my goals:

Goal: to lose 10 pounds (or more) before school lets out June 2.

Goal: to wean off one medication (not the one preventing pregnancy) before the end of 2011.

Goal: to get back to running a full mile on the treadmill at least 3 times a week.

Goal: to cook a good (meaning meat, veggie, carb, fruit) dinner at least 3 times a week with enough for leftovers the other nights/lunches–even if it’s just me and Eddie eating the meal together.

I also plan to adjust these goals as I see success or struggles.  For instance, if I find myself losing 10 pounds by February?  Clearly I will not just say “ok, I’m done” when I so have more weight to lose!

So there we go.  My McFatty plan for 2011.

What is your plan?  Any tips for my goals?

Also?  Tomorrow is Top Ten Tuesday: the Ten things I WILL make happen in 2011 (not resolutions.  I am resolving nothing.)

McFatty and Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

I again this week gained a pound.  So 192.

I am pretty sure it was due to yesterday (Saturday).

Yesterday was one of those days where I never left the house…or my sweat pants.  It was too easy to say “yes” when Cort suggested McDonald’s for lunch and then Taco Bell for dinner.

I should be glad that only added one pound, yes?  So today?  I am munching a salad while I type this.

Side note:  The Halloween candy is gone.  No more temptations there.

Also, for anyone keeping track, I only have to teach 10 more night classes before I get my evenings back…and hopefully my booty gets on the treadmill and/or to the gym.  I am WAY looking forward to this!

I really, REALLY love teaching at the community college (actually wish that could be my “real” job), but it’s just taking too much time away from my family and my health.  So I am taking next semester off.

This week will be interesting for McFatty.  I teach two night this week and I have Parent/Teacher Conferences the other two nights.  I will either lose massive amounts of weight or gain it.  It is also my “lady week”.  So we would be looking at a trainwreck of a post next week.

Because my week is going to be so crazy, we won’t get any nights to sit down as a family for any meals. However, I still planned a meal that we can all eat all week long that is healthier, say, than this:

apparently Tony's pizzas were 4 for $10 today. Ugg.

Tonight I will be making my mom’s BBQ recipe so that we can have that on buns all week for lunches and dinner.

My mom’s BBQ:

In a big electric frying pan:

I use two pounds of burger, browned with salt, pepper, and a bit of chopped yellow onion.

Then add 2 cans of chicken gumbo soup and two cans of tomato soup

Add about a cup of ketchup and a couple teaspoons of mustard

Simmer for a few minutes.

I serve on wheat buns.

making this tonight for the whole week!

We also stocked the fridge with fresh fruit and the pantry with canned veggies that we rinse and serve to Eddie.  Cortney bought the monster can of yams because that is the only veggie we know Eddie will eat every time it’s served to him.  Weird?  Probably.

Anyway, we will see how this week goes.

*Tomorrow is Top Ten Tuesdays!  I will be making a list of the Top Ten Things that are necessities to me each day. Won’t you join in?

**Also coming to Sluiter Nation are sponsor highlights…just in time for your holiday shopping!  If you are interested in ad space, I have a few spots available…just in time for the holidays! Email me at sluiternation (@) gmail (dot) com for more information!

Why it’s Called McFATTY

If you are into punctuation and the art of editing your writing?  I am getting all English teachery over at The Red Dress Club today.  Take a read.


First of all, I am not unaware of the hullabaloo this article has created all over the internet.

It makes me crabby that someone cares more about overweight people kissing on TV than the fact that they have everyone constantly making fat jokes about it all.

Something is wrong there, people.

Where were all these grossed out people when Rosanne was getting frisky with Dan 20 years ago?

Oh wait, people liked it because it was REAL.

Anyway, I am a REAL person and I am overweight at 191 pounds (yes, I went up a pound.  I blame the Halloween candy).  I am 5’7″ (roughly) and 191 pounds.  That is way overweight.

And you know what? To my knowledge?  No one has ever gagged or thrown up in their mouth when Cort and I smootch on each other.  I mean, if I have ever offended someone by holding my husband’s hand or kissing him, well, then…TOO BAD!

My point is that people who crab about fat people?  Need to shut up.  That is my McFatty lecture for the day.  There is more that I could add, but really?  I don’t think it needs to be said.

Publicly bashing fat people for grossing you out?  is hurtful. Just don’t look.

And now?  Back to me (because that is what it is really about yes?)

So I mentioned that I gained a pound.  I blame this:

This used to be full. And we only had like 6 trick or treaters. oops.

I am not even going to post on here in all of public how many bags of candy we went through..BY. OURSELVES.

It’s ugly.

And I am just thanking my McFatty stars that i only gained a pound.

Anyway, this week while I was battling with myself not to eat yet another “fun sized” treat, my friend “The Rocky Mountain Mama” informed me that she does a Meal Planning Monday.  I thought this fit pretty well with McFatty Monday since besides telling you all what I weigh, I am struggling to make better food choices.

For us, meal-planning starts on Sunday–before Cort goes and gets the groceries for the week.

First we decide together what would be a yummy meal for Tuesday night–the one night a week we get to eat as a family.

This week we decided on baked chicken with rice (recipe to follow).  Then I make the list and dig through my coupon holder to match up with what we are buying.  Before finalizing the list, I flip through the Meijer sales flier for the week to see if they have anything listed on sale that we could stock up on or use in lunches.

After all that, I add anything else we need in the house like TP or dish soap.

Lastly we think about what we will eat on the nights we are apart.  I usually eat PB sandwiches on wheat bread.

And that is it.  Cort takes a look at the list to make sure he knows what I am talking about, then he gathers up the Meijer reusable bags and the coupons and he is gone for an hour.

That’s it.

This week’s dinner:

Baked Chicken with Rice

2 cups of minute rice (I use brown)

1 can of cream of chicken soup

1 can of cream of celery soup

1 can of golden mushroom soup

1 package of dried onion soup (I use Lipton)

1.5 cans of water

**mix above together and spread in a greased 9×13 glass baking dish

**Put chicken (can be in bone, but I use 3 or 4 skinless breasts) on top

Bake for about 2 hours at 350 degrees

I like this recipe because we will have leftovers that I can take in my lunch.

We also usually have a veggie of some sort with this.  This week we are having corn.

So there you have it!  Hopefully I can make better choices now that the candy is almost gone from our house!

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Also? Tomorrow is Top Ten Tuesdays here in Sluiter Nation.  We are listing our Top Ten Favorite Children’s Books!  Join in!

I Take The Cake…But I Don’t Eat It

I really didn’t feel very well this week.  I was run down, way too tired again, battling a stuffy nose, and most of all?  Way overworked–yet again.  In fact, I went in to work today (Sunday).  Blech.

Right now I am trying to think about what my eating habits have been this week.  I can’t honestly remember.  I know there were some sandwiches in there.  I tried to drink more water.  I made pretty nutritious meals for the family.

But I didn’t record any of it.  I just hoped that it was fine.

And guess what?  I am down two more pounds!  I am at 190 even!

Woo hoo!

This makes me feel like I am on the right track.  I am cleaning up my eating habits.  Although I haven’t worked any regular exercise in yet, but that is coming.

Yes, friends, as of this week, I have officially turned down teaching at the community college for next semester.  I will still have six classes during the day, but my nights will be free to come home and be with my family.

Cortney will still be bowling on Tuesday nights through March, and taking one class in the evening through February (he is also going to be doing an independent study for his wellness credit), so we will have LOTS more family time.

This will also mean I will be able to hit the gym about once a week and hopefully get in some yoga, strengthening or cardio. I really can’t wait!  I know with the habit changes I am making now, once I make the leap to some regular exercise, things will really start moving!

So hooray for those two pounds gone and hooray to only eight more weeks until I get my evenings back!

Also?  This past week?  My post on teen pregnancy “Took the Cake” on Confessions of a Conflicted Mean Girl:

I really tried to get some real cake out of this, but I don’t think that is what Andrea had in mind.  And since I am trying to be LESS of a McFatty, it’s probably better that I don’t get real cake.  Ahem.

Also?  Tomorrow is Top Ten Tuesday!  Tune in for my Top Ten Vacation Memories.  And if you have a Top Ten of your own?  You will be able to link up!  Yay!

Now excuse me while I go have some homemade apple crisp.


I LOST 2 pounds remember?

i am again flailing

Welcome to another Monday.

Last week Monday I skipped McFatty because, well, I couldn’t post due to the move of the blog to wordpress.

And then I didn’t have time for many other posts last week either because every darn day was a busy one.

So here we are…back to McFatty.

The good news is that I have lost a pound.  I am now at 192.

This is good news even though it was over the course of two weeks because for one, I have had a rough couple weeks and may have been eating my feelings.

Also, I am a lady and that thing that happens to ladies happened.  Enough said about that.

So, to be a pound down after all of that?  That is good.

I also think that there was sure to be some weight gain except for five hours on Thursday I was doing this:

Now, that is clearly not me (I was behind the lens of the camera), but my students (along with a bunch of other classes) learned some Latin dancing for Hispanic Heritage month.

There were conga lines and salsa and cha-cha and mambo and meringue and much more!

And although I sneaked away each class period to take some photos?  I was so totally out there getting my groove on.  I even got a skirt for the occasion…see?

Oh yes, I was shaking my groove thing…salsa style!  By the end of the day I was walking like I was 180 years old.  EVERYTHING was sore!  It totally reminded me of how much I miss going to group fitness things at the gym.

I also shook what my mama gave me this weekend at my cousin Kelli’s wedding.

So I am pretty sure that is where that one pound went.  I danced it away!

The bad news?  The reason I am still flailing?

Work is still tough for me. I haven’t found a balance yet that allows me to get done all that I need to.  It just isn’t happening.  As I type this, I have stacks of grading to do.  For all seven of my classes.

I shouldn’t be blogging.  I shouldn’t sit and read a book. I shouldn’t just hang out.

I should be working whenever I am not, well, working.

But I can’t do that to myself.

So I flail.

But I only flail for nine more weeks.  And then the night classes end.  And I try to breath.