The Sluiter Nation Booze Cruise

I couldn’t pass up this week’s VlogTalk topic.

While the idea of a blooper real was appealing, I realized the only bloopers I would have to share were so NOT vlogtalk-related and people in my life might get made.

So, I went with my favorite summer drink.

However, I realized that it really doesn’t take much time to make my fave drink, so I am going to show you around the boozey nation first.


For the record?  We also have a total of one beer in the fridge.

Coors Lite.

In case you were worried.

And while we are on the record?  Many of these bottles of liquor had a thick layer of dust.  Does Kahlua go bad?

Anyway, I really mostly drink diet coke in the summer, but that just wasn’t as fun as a booze cruise.

What is your favorite summer drink?  Tell me I am not the only one half-crocked on sipping wine on hot days.


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