I have things to blog about.

To tell you about.

To get your support on.

To lean on you about.

I have things to say that came out in therapy today.

But I am not ready.

I don’t have the energy yet.

So I will distract you and me with some more photographs of my cute kid.

just sitting by the tulips letting the tourists admire what a cute Dutch boy I am.

hello to you, nice lady who told me I was extremly cute. and why yes, these are authentic klompen shoes.

EDDIE! Don't pick that!!! It's a $100 fine!!

that's right...smell the tulips.

Fine. I will sit by daddy for a picture. But you can't make me enjoy it.

ok, it's too dang hot for this noise. let's take this crap off...starting with these totally unbreatheable shoes.


I have NO idea how that got out there!

And this was about the time we took the costume off and headed for some fried pickles and a corn dog.

Yay Tulip Time.

Yay avoidance.