Music To Breakup By

It’s time to add another Recruit to Sluiter Nation!  Need a refresher on what a Sluiter Nation Recruit is?  Check here.
This week’s recruit is someone who had I been following on twitter forever, but only occasionally clicked over to her blog.  Until recently.

I was having a bit of a bloggy identity crisis and I was looking to read some new people.  I started scanning tweeps who amuse me, and I came across Alex aka @L8enough and her blog Late Enough, and thought, why not?

She is now a must read every day.

Alex has adorable, pantsless kids, a doctor husband, and she writes posts that make me wonder if she is me.  I mean, we BOTH have thick eyebrows, so we COULD be the same person, right?

Anyway, I read her every day now. You’ll see why if you keep reading.


Music To Breakup By

I’m so excited to be recruited! I love Kate of Sluiter Nation. Even if I thought it was Slutty Nation when I first met her (and, when I wrote that, I wrote “fist met her,” which is even more awkward). Anyhoo, let’s move on to awkward music and bad breakups!

We’ve all been there.

We thought: I’m with THE ONE.

Then we got dumped.

What a jerk!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we chose music during those deep dark days.

Sad songs to listen to over and over and over because what else can we do while crying and sitting in a closet?

My husband’s breakup anthem after a three year relationship in college was “Love’s So Heavy” by Rollins Band.

The song is filled with such sweet lines such as:

Can you catch me as I’m falling past your window pane?

Love’s so heavy

Every time I want to be with you

Is the time that it’s time to go

Oh well

The closet is the ONLY place I’d listen to that song.

I had an ex-boyfriend who sat me down post-breakup to tell me that he was listening to “Beer” by Reel Big Fish today. And yesterday and the day before and the day before.

Then he played it for me:

She called me late last night, to say she loved me so

but I guess she changed her mind.

Well I should have known, it wouldn’t be all right,

but I can’t live without her

So I won’t even try.

Me: Well, that was awkward.

I tried to think back to my worst breakup, but I can’t remember my music.  All the drinking, hiring people who used crystals to open my chakras and praying that he would either come back to me or fall off the Earth, must’ve destroyed my music memories.

I even googled best breakup songs to see if it jarred my ears.

Google seems to think I’m just hungry.

More importantly, I discovered that there’s an ENTIRE SITE dedicated to breakup songs JUST IN CASE we don’t have our own collection of sad and depressing ballads.

And the best part of the site?  Every other ad is how to get back our partner. Way to hate your audience,


Sadly, I still couldn’t find my breakup anthem even among the 250+ choices.

Probably because I was ALWAYS full of angst back in the day, and there’s really no place to go when you listen to Pearl Jam’s “Black” and Ben Folds Five’s “Magic” for fun.


What music do you remember as being good breakup music??

Need more Late Enough?  Of course you do.

She is funny:  Whole Foods:  Your Cute Little Carts May Have Won Over My Son But You Won’t Win Me Until You Get Some Decent Bagels.

She is serious: The Yellow Bow (this is one of my FAVORITES as a mom of a boy, by the way).

She is weird: On Our Next Date He Asks How I Want To Die.  We’ve Been Together Ever Since.

And she is not afraid to tackle the big issues: Teaching My Children About God:  Information vs Indoctrination

Go LIKE her on facebook and follower her on twitter for more of her lovely self.


In related news, I very much do NOT want to break up with my dream of going to BlogHer.  Cort bought me the ticket and I just have to get there.

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I am now a beggar.

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