Project 365: January 1-7, 2012

As I mentioned earlier this week, I am doing Project 365.  Each Sunday I will post my Week in Pictures.  Enjoy.

January 1: PEEP POMB!!!


January 2: Finally enough snow to sled! Of course it only lasted 2 days. Weirdest Michigan winter EVER.


January 3: Back to work after 2 weeks off. And I am a working MACHINE! Got almost all my hardcopies printed for my sub...with 9 weeks to spare!

January 4: Eddie demolishes the last of the chocolate cake. Like mother like son.

January 5: We FINALLY get a wall calendar for 2012 when our MomAgenda Wall Calendar arrives. Who knew we would feel so lost for only five days?


January 6: Apple Lips!


January 7: Eddie takes off his pants and diaper and tells me he wants to poop on the toilet. So here he sits. After 3 minutes he says he's done (no poop), so we get him dressed. Less than minute later he poops in his diaper. I still say this was a good step.

So back to work, dinner time shenanigans, and almost poop in the potty.  A good week, I would say!