On a Spring Breeze


I’ve been in the bloggy dumps lately.

I have so much to say and nothing is coming out right.

And it’s true that I contemplated just quitting.  Quitting the social media world.  Just posting the occasional picture here for my family and friends.

But I was talked out of it.

I was told I need to quit putting so much pressure on myself to write a masterpiece every. single. time I hit publish.

And these wise friends of mine were right.

So to take a wee bit of pressure off myself AND still share love with you all, I am starting a new guest post series here in Sluiter Nation.

It has come to my attention that there are people out there in the world who would like to know what I read every day.  Where do I get my inspiration?  Who are these phantom bloggers who give me so much joy and so much support to keep going with this little corner of the web every day?

I present to you…the Sluiter Nation Recruits!

Each Wednesday I will bring you a new blogger who, by writing a guest post, has become an official member of Sluiter Nation and can don the Nation Bling:

My first official Recruit is Nichole from In These Small Moments.

Nichole is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met.  She is genuine and kind.  She is beautiful and strong.

She also has a gorgeous little girl named Katie.  Perfect.

And a handsome little toddler named Matthew.

And she is going to be my BlogHer roomie.

AND she is one of the co-hosts of The Red Dress Club with  me.

I am honored that Nichole agreed to be my first recruit.


As I sit here, I can hear the birds tweeting and the sun is shining, with not a cloud in the sky.

It was a long winter. A brutally long, wet winter.

But now, fingers crossed, it’s all behind me.

When Katie invited me to guest post here, as the first official recruit, I had lofty plans of writing something about belonging, about friendship, about love.

But those plans have floated away on a spring breeze.

Instead, I’m going to tell you the ten things that I’m looking forward to most about the warmer weather.

  1. Warmer weather means that turning the sprinklers on for my kids is just as good as bathing them.
  2. Meals are better served outside in the warmer months. And meals outside? Are served on paper plates. No more loading and unloading the dishwasher.
  3. Longer days are meant for evening bike rides. There’s little that’s more peaceful than that.
  4. Spring means baseball…baseball means peanuts and beer. For dinner.
  5. The clothes we wear in the warmer months are much smaller. Smaller clothes=less laundry. Even I can do that math.
  6. The spring and summer months simply beg for us to go camping. There’s unexpected joy in sleeping in a tent, getting dirty, and eating S’mores.
  7. My gardenias bloom in abundance during the warmer months. Sitting outside in the evening, glass of wine in hand, with the scent of gardenias in the air is pure bliss.
  8. We spontaneously purchased a new water and sand table for the kids. The joy in their laughter and collaborative play is pure magic.
  9. Our Katie is will soon be on summer break from school and that makes me all sorts of happy.  Watch out, Katie! You might just get sick of me by August!
  10. Speaking of Katie and August…Blogher ’11!

This summer is going to be pure joy!

Thank you for having me here, Katie. I’m so excited about this new feature and I can’t wait to see who you have here in the coming months.

Much love to you, my beautiful friend.


Much love to you, too, Nichole.  I am honored you are here.  I cannot WAIT to meet you in August!

You should also check out Nichole’s Small Moment Mondays guest post series where she asks people to explode a small, but meaningful moment.  She even had little old me over for a small moment.

But to better know the loveliness that is Nichole?  You should read Disappearing Stripper Boots…Or Why Barbie Can Stay, Because It Was Grassy and Wanted WearWithout a Backward Glance, and My Full Weight.

Now tell us…what part of warmer weather do YOU look forward to?

Me?  I look forward to the beach with my little guy!