exit interview

Sluiter Nation: Hello there, 2011.  Why do you take a seat so we can get started. Thank you.  Now, you’ve been around for a year.  How do you feel your overall performance has been?

2011: Well, I know there were a few stumbles, but considering the mess that 2010 left for me, I feel that I handled things quite well.  In fact, I feel that I left them better than I found them.

SN: Indeed.  I would agree with that.  2010 was a total bum. Total.  In fact, upon his departure, I recommended he quit the “year” biz.  Anyway back to you…what do you feel were your strengths as a year?

2011: Hmmm.  I brought some life-changers to the table.  You know, a new sister-in-law, new nephews from Ethiopia, a pregnancy.  I’d say those were pretty huge strengths.

SN: Ok, you don’t have to be so smug about it.  Yes, those were life-changers.  And they were good ones.  Anything else you are proud of?

2011: Oh, oh, OH!  I also brought a job for Cort.  That was a biggie.  2010 COMPLETELY dropped the ball on that one.

SN: You don’t have to keep comparing yourself to 2010 to look good.  We have established that he was a loser.  You also brought us some fun that deserves recognition, yes?

2011: Oh yeah, I did!  Six weddings for family and friends and some cuddly twin girls for your great friends is WAY fun, in my opinion.  And don’t forget that trip to San Diego you got to go on and meet all those bloggers.  Eh?  Fun times for sure.

SN: Oh it was.  But you are being too modest.  You’re just pointing out the big stuff.  You are also the first in 5 years that didn’t have me on the pink slip list at work.  That is sort of a big deal to me.

2011 (looking down and turning toe into the ground): yeah, well.  I thought you deserved a break with that.  I wasn’t able to keep your pay the same though.

SN: I did notice that.  And yes, that was and has been a struggle.  But we are making it.  It helps that Cort is working.  But on that note, what do you feel your weaknesses were this year?

2011: The biggest one was probably that case of depression you went through during your first trimester with Charlie.

SN: Agree.

2011: And then there was the lack of family vacation this year.  Sorry about that.  But from my chats with 2012, it sounds like there are some in the works.

SN: Oh yeah…you have been prepping 2012.  How is that going?

2011:  It’s going ok.  He’s definitely green.  Total newb with pie in the sky ideas, but I think he can handle it.  We’ve been collaborating on Project Charlie for awhile now, and he has some really great ideas about vacations and some other things.

SN:  oooo!  that all sounds great!

2011:  It should be.  Here’s hoping 2012 doesn’t get carried away and mess up.

SN: I am sure it will be ok. Are you disappointed your time here is just about up?

2011: Yes and no.  This has been a difficult job.  Restoring hope and mending brokenness is not for the faint of heart.  I am ready for a rest from it all.  But it has been a joy to see your family find happiness.

SN: And we thank you for that.  But can I just point one thing out?

2011:  sure.

SN: It’s not that we don’t appreciate your awesomeness, but could you maybe let 2012 know that besides doing great things for us, we would like great things for our friends and family too?  Maybe even more than for us?  I mean, you were GREAT, really, but in helping us, you neglected some of our closest friends.  In fact, you were the worst year some of them ever had.

2011: I know, I know.  That is the crappy part of this job.  You can be “the best” for everyone.  Some people get the shaft.  And I happened to give a LOT of people the shaft.  Part of it was my own fault, but part of it was started by 2010 and even years before him.  I just couldn’t fix it all.  There wasn’t time.

SN: I get that.  I do.  But maybe…maybe…you could let 2012 know that there are a few people who deserve a break.

2011:  Totally.  I can do that.

SN:  Oh, and before you go…I have one more question.

2011: Shoot.

SN: What is with all this talk about…you know…the “end of the world” and 2012.

2011: He he he.  I guess you’ll find out.  I’ll tell you this:  2012?  Is a funny guy.

SN: Ok.  I can respect that.  Hey, 2011?

2011: Yeah?

SN: Thanks.  Really.

2011: It was my pleasure.