Birthday BOOM!

Normally on Saturday I would send you elsewhere on the internet.

Not today.

Today is my first baby’s birthday.

Eddie is three today.

Well, at 4:51pm today he will be three.

If you want to get technical.

at 6 days

today we will eat all the things Eddie loves.

watermelon, pancakes, cupcakes, and apple juice.

at one year

today we will do the things Eddie loves.

bicycle, balloon fights, tickle fights, and bath time.

at 2 years

today there will be presents and singing and dancing.

and so many hugs.

at 2 years and nine months

The words on this blog will live on after I am gone.

When Eddie is old enough, he will read my words.

He will read yours as well.

Your comments will forever be linked with my writing.

soooo excited!

Won’t you join me in wishing my sweet Eddie Bear a happy third birthday?

It doesn’t have to be a long message, just a simple, “happy birthday” will do.

Someday he will read your words.

And he will know.

The internet loved him and his family.

Happy Birthday, Edward Steven.

We ALL love you.

No Words Necessary