Almost Half

Dear Baby #2,

Next week I will be able to call you by your name.  I’ll be able to address these letters to you personally.  Do you know how excited I am?  How excited we  are?  Daddy and Eddie and me?  Oh I don’t know if I will ever find the words to tell you how much we want you…how much we look forward to you.

We are almost halfway there, baby.  We are almost to the halfway point in this baking process.

Next week we will meet you. Sort of.

We will see you moving around on a black and white screen.  And we will know what only you know…whether you are a boy or girl.

And then? We will give you the name we have chosen for you.

I can’t wait to know.

I can’t wait to call you by your name.

I can’t wait to whisper your name over and over.

To start planning the little changes to your nursery.  To create personalized blankets and burp clothes and books and keepsakes.

To help your big brother learn to say your name.

And to tell the world about you, so they can call you by name to.

We are just about halfway.

It’s been a long road to this halfway point, and I can’t say it’s been easy or always delightful.

But lately I can feel you fluttering around in there.

You’re weight is being felt when I lift your brother and when I go up and and down stairs.

You’re only going to get bigger, your kicks harder.

You will make your presence known in a big way…very soon.

But for now?  We are almost halfway there.

And the prize for me is knowing your gender.

The prize for you is getting your name.

And those prizes will have to do.  They will have to hold us over until the REAL prize.

Meeting and touching for the first time.

In March, baby.

Before we know it.

I love you.