Clean Up With Groupon

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.


Cortney and I got married just over eleven years ago. Since I cannot tell a lie, I will admit that one of the most fun things about getting married is all the showers and fun house stuff that is gifted.

I’ve mentioned before that my love language is gifts, yes? I love to give, but let’s be real…I also love to receive.

I remember the joy of opening packages with sheets and towels and dishes that Cortney and I had taken great care to choose for our registry that we thought would be perfect for our first home together. We even made a pact to wait until after we were married and back from our honeymoon to use any of it.


The joy of receiving bath towels cannot be compared.

So I moved into the house we bought and stored all the gifts in the spare bedroom. After the wedding we added more and left on our honeymoon. When we returned I giggled with glee as I opened and washed and found homes for all our beautiful new things.

It’s now eleven years later and many of those things have had to be replaced…or should be. Our towels are looking ragged, we have a different bathroom color-scheme, and our scale has long since broke.

While I wish it was socially acceptable to through showers for ourselves every ten years of marriage (seriously, how great would that be???), we’ve had to suck up and purchase new things on our own. That is, after all, being an adult, right?

The good news? There is no excuse to pay a bagillion dollars for a new shower curtain or hand towels for the bathroom anymore, because GROUPON GOODS!

$300 towels for $70? Done. Bath sets that are normally over $50 for under $20? DEAL!

What were the first things you needed to replace after getting married? Pretty sure ours were the bathroom rugs (by the way Groupon has a deal where you can get those sweet memory foam ones for only $15! NICE!)